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Baked Potato TG size and fins....

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  • Baked Potato TG size and fins....

    General overview of my situation:

    This is my first firewire and I know I have to be careful on the volume, much more than the traditional fiberglass surfboards.

    I'm an intermediate surfer, 1.78m(5.83feet) high and I'm 40 years old. But nevertheless i keep very fit with sport... even though my weight varies during the year from 81 to 84kg (180-185 lbs)...especially when I go to Europe..

    I ride at the moment a fiberglass bord 6'5'' 18''7/8 2''3/8, but I had to go to Bali to enjoy it in this Aussie summer.

    Therefore I'm looking into buying a Baked Potato TG.
    What size would be best for me, 5'5'' or 5'3''?
    I don't know if a 5'3'' is to small for me.., but at the same time I don't want to surf on a boat if I end up in bigger surf while i'm out there..

    Futures or FCS fins and what size?
    I was thinking at Futures..

    Thanks guys, I would realy appreciate your help!

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    where do u surf?


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      Hi fokaiHI, I surf in Sydney, Australia, northern beaches. Over here we have mostly beach breaks. But usually I tend to sit further out waiting for bigger sets.

      I also have a fiber glass McTavish 8'0 22'' 2''7/8, when it gets small or full, but it's not as fun as a short board
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        i like McTavish. broke one last summer. super fast 9'0. anyway, we're roughly same weight and age and i wud go w a 5'7, but i like a lil more foam in all the right places. i dont know if id do a 5'3 just because of paddling in and out. maybe if waves r breaking everywhere it wud b good, but we all know when the surf lulls, it lulls.


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          btw, im looking to get one too w futures controllers


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            In the forum, somewhere, I read that a guy of about 85kg sold his 5'7'' and moved to a 5'5''. That is why I was thinking of a 5'3''. I guess it was to achieve more performance..
            I'm a bit skeptical in having too much volume on a small surfboard, especially knowing that epoxy floats a lot more.


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              true, but the idea of the "potato" in all 3 forms is to b able to stay on top of the wave w extra float. these boards seem much more like skateboards on water. i cant say for sure though being that i rode a 5'6 PN and it seemed small, but still floatable. also, im okay w 35-40L of board. besides, i can never tell what is too much or too little volume. i ride whatever i got. lol. i like big boards


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                yes, that's true as well. It sound like it's some kind of new revolution in surfing.
                I think I'll go for a TG 5'5'' with future controllers fins, it defenately has more volume than my ordinary short bord.

                Just don't want to risk to buy something similar to the McTavish, in regards of the volume.

                thanks for your help.


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                  I'm 93kg and ride a 5'7" at 51yrs plenty of float


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                    I'm 6'3" 185 and surf a 507 BP.

                    Hope this helps.


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                      thanks for all the words guys.

                      maxcap, the truth is you could ride either the 505 or the 503 based on the volume and your weight, but looking at your age and what you currently ride, i think you would be better off on the 505. You won't be sacrificing much performance and you will definitely get greater ease of use. In the end its a preference call but you certainly wouldn't be getting too big of a board if you chose to go with the 505.

                      Cheers and hope this helps further


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                        Thanks guys.

                        Thanks Chris, I feel more comfortable with the choice.

                        Therefore I have one last question, as usually I'm not accustomed to go out there when it's too small (..obviously my habits might change once I get the BP).
                        In the event the surf gets a little bigger than what the BP can take, which one of the two could hold better the wave, 5'3'' or 5'5''?

                        I guess when the wave is full, they both can take it..
                        But in the event the wave gets hollow and higher than usual..?

                        ..hope I'm not being too difficult.


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                          IMO, the baked can handle up to head high. When the waves get bigger, i think it's a negative for a potato. For instance, it will be harder to duck dive. Also, taking off on bigger and maybe steeper drops will be tough. At that point, it's probably better to somehow get to shore and change your board.



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                            maxcap, check out the video I posted up yesterday of my 5'1" BP surfing 1-2ft beach break surf. It's a fcs fin set up & on this occasion I had the JW-1 fcs thrusters configured. I'm 41yrs, 5'9" & weigh 70kg...hope that helps.


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                              megsy, I have seen your video and looks like the BP is without doubt a lot of fun!
                              How do you feel the volume of your BP, is it just right or you think you could have gone a little bigger?