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TechnoGrain, RapidFire, or FST

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  • TechnoGrain, RapidFire, or FST

    about to pull the trigger on a BP techno, but I worry as I don't have the means to replace the board if it fails durability-wise

    I can foresee getting a new board every 5-10 years, as they wear out or new models come out, or my style evolves, etc
    so what is the longevity of these boards? and warranty?
    I can understand for sustainability and lower environment toxicity when people (sponsored?) are replacing boards every season or every event, but for us mere mortals that can only buy a $700-$1000 board every 1/2 decade, how do these stand up to regular use compared to glassed or epoxy boards?

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    I think the early verdict is that it's more durable than RF and at least as durable as FST.
    It's early days though so it's hard to gauge the long term durability of the new tech. FST boards last a long time though as long as they're looked after.
    The Baked Potato isn't available in FST though.


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      yeah its definitely more durable than rapidfire due to the fact that there is no surface on the board that is simply glass on foam the way you find it on the rails and bottoms of Rapidfire boards.



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        thanks chris and prjwebb


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          Does anybody know when the the TechnoGrains will be arriving in San Diego?