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Baked Potato vs Lost Bottom Feeder?

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  • Baked Potato vs Lost Bottom Feeder?

    Yandy posted this question in another thread and I thought it could use it's own discussion. Thanks Yandy. Does anybody have experience with both of these boards? Any insights? Thanks.

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    Yup. I sold a BF to buy a BP. I really like the BP, but the BF was one of the best boards I've ever ridden. Wish I never sold it.


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      Can you talk about the differences between the 2?


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        bottom feeder has longer rails and a slightly more forward wide point. baked potato is a bit more pivoty and i believe a little more volume per unit length so i think you ride the BP shorter than the BF.


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          Whoops. Didn't see the follow up question. What Chris said about volume/length. At the same volume my BF was 3" longer. Part of this lends the BF to being very "front foot friendly" and it had a similar feel to many of my shortboards. I felt more comfortable on bigger waves with it. I was riding a Roberts white diamond before this one so it was an easy transition. Maybe that's why I miss it.

          BP much more skatey, easier to throw around. Back foot needs to be jammed on tail. Super fast.