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  • Baked Potato Help Please Experienced Riders

    Hello Friends, i am east coast soulsurfer from virginia beach, and im looking for a nice shredstick for the tiny 1-2ft swells at my home break! im very interested in purchasing my first firewire and seeking grateness in what is the Baked Potato! im about 6'4 170 lbs, im well in shape, paddle strong, and my skill level i guess id say is inbetween the range of intermediate/ the 5.1 a perfect size fit for me? or should i bump it to 5.3?? im going to wait for the technograins to hit retail, extremely stoked! does anybody know if TG comes in with a future fins setup?? any answers are truly appreciated! pura vida, God Bless :)

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      I would say 5'3 based on your weight BUT since you are 6'4" maybe 5'7 or 5'9. I would also recommend a different board like the Potatonator if the sizes I mentioned have too much volume for you. It still allows you to grovel and probably be more manueverable than the baked.

      As for my experience, I tried my friend's board twice and the board is awesome!! It feels faster and more manueverable. It actually allows me to go straight up the wave unlike the SP that tends to slide sometimes. Best thing I like about it is...I can ride a steeper wave and not worry about getting pitched. All in all, it's a step-up from the SP IMHO.

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