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Sweet or Baked Potato???

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  • Sweet or Baked Potato???

    Hi, I'm about 178cm tall and 84kgs - I currently ride a 5'10 Dominator. I'm after a board that will go well in smaller mushy type surf here in Te Awanga, Napier, NZ. I'm considering a 5'6" Sweet Potato or a 5'7" Baked Potato - but not sure. I'm keen to have some more volume to paddle into and catch the waves that the long boarders steal! Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks. Smokes.

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    The Baked will add a bit more performance than the sweet, but both are really nice boards for small crappy waves
    5'6" on the sweet might feel a bit to buoyant. I had a 5'6" and exchanged it for a 5'2" and could not be happier. But I believe the 5'4" will expand the wave range for ya. Also I do like the 30lts boards


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      I've got a 5'6 SP and a 5'3 BP so I have a bit of experience between the two.

      I LOVE my SP and I definitely LIKE my BP. SP can paddle in to anything between 1 and 3 feet and is just fun as hell... only downside is that when the wave is a bit more hollow, it's easy to dig the nose in. BP can paddle in to anything between 2 to 5 feet and RIPS in bigger cleaner surf...just needs more wave to actually get going.

      IMO, if you plan on getting a small wave board, go with SP.


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        [QUOTE]I'm considering a 5'7" Baked Potato - so its got a little more volume for the smaller days - but then I can also use it when its slightly bigger - What do you think?


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          I think it may feel like a boat at your weight


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            You think 50young? Just concerned it wont paddle into the small waves very well at 5'5"?


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              At 92kg I have no trouble paddling in small waves on my baked your 8kg lighter


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                5'4 SP or 5'5 BP for sure! You don't want to go too big or else it wont be that good to maneuver and duck dive. As far as the longboarder problem, you'll just have to paddle battle or position deeper than them lol.

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                  Thanks for the help! Managed to pick up a 5'5" off our local site similar to eBay. What would you all suggest for fin setup?


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                    If you are rockin Futures, I would recommend the following:
                    - Paddle Surf Hawaii Controllers
                    - Jordy Smith Fronts + any rear fin w/ 4' depth or bigger (e.g. stretch, AM2, controller, etc.)
                    - Any Large Fronts + any rear fin w/ 4' depth or bigger



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                      Im considering a 5'5 BP or a 5'4 SP. Which do you guys recommend for small socal summer junk? I know they are both about the same volume. Ive ridden a 5'6 SP, but it felt slightly overvolumed.

                      6' 190 lbs. 40 yrs. intermediate-adv.
                      6' fst spit. 5'8 fst pnator
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                        I'd go the 5'5" baked more performance based


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                          Hello all.

                          I am looking at buying a fun board for the smaller days. I have only ridden a thruster around 6'4" to 6'6". I consider myself intermediate/advanced and I am 6'6" tall and 220lbs (230lbs with a 5mm wetsuit gloves and boots) pretty good shape at 40years old.

                          I am considering the Sweet Potato or Baked Potato but leaning towards the Baked Potato as it seems a little more refined.

                          Using the volume calculator I should be around 44L ( I am riding a 36L short board)

                          Sizes I am looking at are:

                          Baked Potato:

                          5'9" x 22-3/8" x 2-3/4" (43.6L)
                          5'11" x 22-5/8" x 2-7/8" (47.3L)

                          Sweet Potato:

                          5'8" x 22-1/4" x 2-3/4" (43L)
                          5'10" x 22-1/2" x 2-7/8" (46.8L)

                          Currently my local shop can get me a 5'10" SP at 46.8L but I am wondering if it is going to be too big. Almost every review I read they say they could likely have gone smaller.

                          I am wondering if the 5'9" Baked Potato will be ideal for me.