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Deck Grip on Technograin Baked Potato?

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    ferchizzle, I removed the wax the same way as I normally do, apply a little heat via a hair dryer just to soften the wax, then scrap off with a wax comb.


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      Originally posted by ferchizzle View Post
      prjwebb - I placed the traction pad right up against the leash plug and found my self slpwing down a little tp much when my foot would engage the kicker portion of the traction pad.

      I want to ride the board without the pad (something should have done in the beginning) to figure out my foot position.

      I am anxious about this because even though the TG construction is structually stronger, I have found the surface to be soft and susceptible to having small pieces of wood lift off if you are not careful. So, I want to be cautious about removing the pad.
      u find the surface of the techno to be soft?


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        Yes. As I was removing the decals pff the board, I used the corner of my fingernail to lift the sticker up and I took a tiny speck of wood with it.


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          It may take a little while to get used to the versa traction but I've used it on a few boards now so I've got no need for wax.
          The only negative is when the water's dirty with run off the traction can get a bit slippery as it's more sensitive to slime than wax.
          Best to avoid surfing in dirty water anyway.
          Looks much better than with wax aesthetically and no wax migrating around all over the board.


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            Bumping this up to get more opinions of the versa traction.

            Anyone else use this clear grip instead of wax? How long does it take to get used to? Megsy, do you still wax over it or are you using it without wax?


            • megsy
              megsy commented
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              Hey @hooked, I haven't put wax on it for awhile now. It doesn't feel so weird anymore & it grips pretty well.

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