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Baked Potato from a longboard

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  • Baked Potato from a longboard

    6'0ft, 175lbs, intermediate ability, good shape, currently riding a 9'0 DT2 and looking to change things up a bit. I am looking at picking up 5'9 BP. I am concerned with dropping for a 9'0 to to a 5'9. Should I consider the 5'11 or a different board?

    I surf in VA Beach in 1-3ft mushy waves.

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    Addvance will make the transition easier. Are you used to shortboards or have you only ridden longboards?


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      I have a 7'6 funboard shaped Takayama and a 6'6 quad fish. I don't have a problem riding either board.

      6'6 is the shortest board I have ever ridden.


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        The issue with the potato family is that if you overdimension it, it will feel sluggish and you wouldn't be be getting the full potential of it. At your dims I would not go bigger than a 5'5". This might be short for you but volume wise will be more than plenty. How do you surf your fish?


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          I do ok on it. Dimensions on it are 6'6 x 22x 2 5/8. I really don't surf it that much. This past yr I mainly surfed the 9'0 and 7'6


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            Why if I may ask?.Did you find it not performant enough?, hard to catch waves or conditions simply were not good enough for it?. The 6'6" Addvance will be a great choice by the way but you could go ahead and sell the fish... you'll have no use for it any longer


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              No real reason but it is more difficult for me to catch waves on. There were more than a few times I would have liked to have the fish with me. Thanks for the help.