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For Sale - New BP @5'7"

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  • For Sale - New BP @5'7"

    ... just too friggen big.

    $600 OBO.

    Or trade for 5'3" or 5'5" in equiv new shape.

    Has nice cork tail pad.
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    Where are you located?


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      LA county near Ventura border.

      I also commute to Marina Del Ray area.


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        Is it the FST or Rapidfire? thanks.


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          Its rapid fire and I don't think has an FST option?


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            Hello Aurfalien,

            Got any pics? and is it brand spanking new like unridden? I can't seem to message you on this forum so my email is vinnyjr(at) , and looks like i might be interested


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              Ok cool.

              Thanks man. Its new, ridden 3 times. I am very light footed and so there are no pressure dings to speak of. It is in new shape as I love my FW boards and take great care of them.

              I'll post detailed pics soon.


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                Here are 5 pics.
                Attached Files
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                  Hey aurfaliwn-
                  What is your height and weight….I am looking to buy a 505 or 507 BP, and I want to make sure I get the right size. Since the 507 was way too big for you, your size might help me make up my mind. I am 6’ 3” and 180lbs.


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                    Yo Chucktown,

                    I would assume a 507 to be the call.

                    I'm going 505 although 501-503 is in my volume range. I just like a bit of rail length.

                    I always think that if my boards were strapped to my foot, that a shorter length would be doable, much like my snow boards.

                    Alas, I don't seem to have that stick that I feel really affluent surfers have (rich in the sense of skill set). Watching all the pros makes me think they are glued on to there boards!

                    I was entertaining the thought of these magnetic impregnated booties that match up to your center deck also having a magnet.

                    But man, this is just way to much crap in dealing with my lousy skill set. So I'll just stay focused on bettering myself the old fashioned way; surf surf and more surf.


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                      I've been trying to post a reply to your thread over the past couple of days. I'm interested in your board. Can you PM me so I don't have to post my email and phone # on the message board? I live in Manhattan Beach, and a 5'7" Baked Potato is what I'm looking for.




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                        Im in the Uk / ireland looking for a sweet or baked potato 5'6 to 5'10 considered


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                          Sold the 5'7", got a 5'5" although a 5'3" would be more suitable bit I'm a bit too leggy for it. I caught plenty of waves on my previous 5'2" SP but it just felt a tad too short.

                          Stoked on the 5'5" as the larger board kinda ruined my surfing. I really under stand how over sizing can effect your surfing now, wow.