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  • Baked versus Sweet...

    Got to say that after owning and riding 2 SP's in the past and now owning a BP..the BP to me is much much better. It has all of the positives of the SP but the negatives have either been eliminated or greatly reduced. Had it out in shoulder to head high + today with Rasta quads and a knubster and it was a ton of fun. Definitely that is the boards limit in terms of size but I didnt buy it for that size surf...I just got caught without the board I would normally ride in those conditions..Really hope the BP comes out in FST because while I like the WRF..I love FST.

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    Got to be stoked Fan. I'm still waiting for mind to arrive, end of the month I've been told. Can't wait!!


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      What are the major differences you see between the two waves?


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        Iggy its mostly the hold. I can whip the BP around and not slide out and the SP used to lose it every time. The pulled in nose also doesn't catch as much even though I am riding a BP 1 inch smaller than the SP I had. For me the difference is very noticeable.


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          Hey FW Fan I got myself a 5'11" BP and like you I had 2 SP's in a 5'10", having owned the SP for 2 months I have mixed feelings I find it does not go a well as the SP on backhand and the BP does not go well with Future Controllers so I am riding it with JC Fronts and Controller rears. I possibly think the 5'11" has too much volume and it could be worth dropping to the 5'9" "Just worried about the floatation" and loose a bit of volume. On a positive it holds like a dream and does not slide when you don't expect it, I have just spent a week at Crescent Head riding waves from 1ft to punchy 3-4ft beach breaks and it went great and most of the waves I did not have to go backhand. What size SP did you drop from?
          On another note I actually think the SP 5'10" V's the BP 5'11" the SP seems to be a more refined board every-time I look at the tail of the BP it just looks so much bigger than the SP, maybe the 5'9" will be noticeably different.


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            Funny, I think the tail is smaller in the BP, more pulled in vs a big thumb.

            My 5'7" has too much float but I manage, at least I will really wip my EF around when back on it.

            The BP is awesome, great training for me. Since the waves have been soft and slow, its perfect.

            A 5'5" just seemed a bit short for me is all.

            Too bad one couldn't do a BP in CBD as I would spec a 5'7" with a 30ish volume.


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              Hey nn66, I started with a 5'4 SP and while the volume was fine the rail length AND the fact that I hadn't ever ridden a board that short made me fee like it lacked drive and with the spin out aspect I sold it and replaced it with a 5'6 SP. The extra volume obviously made the spin out factor a bit worse but a bit more rail line and riding the board differently than a regular board made it still be a fun experience but just not quite right. With the BP I went 5'5 and actually now think I could go 5'3. After I wrote the message above yesterday I went out for a second session and had a ball on the BP again. Due to the quick long walls and my pumping the board did slide out a couple of times as I tried to wash off speed but that was more me and my surfing rather than the board...Whilst the BP is better IMO than the SP.. you simply cant ride those boards like a say an ALT...its a compromise.