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  • Now I'm Baked

    Wow, sold my Sweet Potato and got me a Baked Potato!

    Its FCS, Rapid Fire with a pretty light wood color.

    Wow, what a board, tail makes it seem more versatile then the SP. Chubby like the SP so a groveler but also looks to fit in pockets well. Lovin the deep concaves.

    I'll post some pics after procuring a tail pad.


    Will prolly ride her with MRTFX PC w/GXQ PC, may do a Nubster for shits and giggles.

    I was going to get another slightly longer SP but it really helps to go in and feel a board up. I musta spent an hour or so holding, feeling, etc...

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    siiiick man!!! I got a chance to ride SP and BP...the BP is definitely more "high performance." The pulled in nose, more tapered rails and diamond tail definitely makes a difference. I was able to pull into tight and steep sections that the SP would normally slide out of. It's too bad it only comes in Rapidfire right now :(
    Anyways, have fun!!!
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      Thanks hawaii_boi.

      Well, I also had reservations but the resin is the same for both FST and RF. Sure no balsa rails but the bamboo deck is dope.

      Plus its kinda nice to have some variation in my quiv.

      Next, is a step up, most likely an Alternator FST/FCS. I currently lack a HPSB.
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        @aurfalien, bamboo deck looks nice but I like the sturdiness of the FST boards. Alternator? How about the Hellfire? That's my step up soon as I can scrape some money for it haha. btw, you got any pictures of your new board with fins?



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          Hi hawaii_boi,

          Here is my BP.

          Notice the clear grip, it makes for a very clean board. Reasons to go wax less;

          1) Less harmful then wax which has been proven to bleach coral. This is critical in Hawaii, you have a vested interest here.
          2) No mess and ready to surf ASAP.
          3) Keeps board lookin good.
          4) Allows for nimble foot work.

          Aight, this board is purdy.

          BTW, I have chosen my step up; Hellrazer, yea boyeeee!

          - aurf
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            sick board! yea, i used to use the clear tape but never worked as good as wax for me. As far as coral, i think the tourists and pollution are hurting it more than surfers are, BUT you are right...


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              Took her out on the maiden voyage, not the best conditions; 2-4' wind chop ~8-10 knots and getting worse.

              However, wow, what a fun board, stupid fun.

              I love how fast it gets on, set your rail early.

              Also, the nose and tail mods when compared to the SP, really make this board more versatile.

              Can't wait to get her in some real juicy juice and size. Who knows, I may just surf this for a while, see where she takes me.

              Albeit the board is way big for me but I was after length. This thing is a perfect long board assassin!

              Many thanks to the shaper!!!

              By the way, is there such a thing as too much speed :)


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                Ha I've been questioning too much speed now and again since I got my Sweet Potato. I think it may be a possibility...


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                  Hi prj,

                  How do you feel that its too much speed?

                  Are you racing past the waves, or are you setting your rail too late, etc?


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                    i find in bigger waves i can end up flying down the line so fast i don't get to fit in any turns. wrong type of waves though really


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                      Hey Aurf,

                      I picked up some clear grip, it's not the XM stuff, but another company. I imagine it's pretty similar. Feeling it off the board it doesn't feel particularly grippy though. Does it get better when wet?
                      Also Have you ever stuck it over a paint job? I'm a little worried about it just pulling the paint off and not staying on the board...
                      Thanks mate.


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                        Hi prj,

                        Well, the XM stuff I use is pretty gripy, so much so that I must were a rash guard or risk serious nip damage.

                        I also ever so lightly sand it every few sessions as ocean type residue does build on it a tad even after rinsing off my boards.

                        I have some extra to share but you are on the other side of the pond.

                        My EF has a yellow deck from a previous customer order that went bad. So I swooped in and got it, yup yup. At any rate, I have never thought to peel it off so I don't know.

                        HTH man.


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                          Hmm the stuff I have doesn't feel overly grippy. Just a finely dimpled, clear plastic/rubber sheeting. Definitely not grippy like wax. Probably bad stuff.

                          I tried sticking it over the painted board but I didn't prep the board that well before spraying so it just pulled a lot of paint off and ruined the clear grip too.
                          I've ended up scraping the old paint off now and respraying the board. Not sure whether to try the clear grip again or just go back to wax. I don't have enough yet to do the whole board now any how.


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                            I would just do wax on this painted board and try the XM stuff on a diff one.

                            Bummer about the paint bro. I hate wasting time on stuff like that. I mean you never know how much time you got.


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                              The new paint job came out much better so it's not a big deal. I enjoy killing time with that kind of thing anyway.

                              Yeah I may stick to wax on this one, but my thinking was it would be handle to not have to worry about wax on a board like the SP that could potentially be in the car all the time.