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Board sizing & Wave Sizing/Type?

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  • Board sizing & Wave Sizing/Type?

    So.. just trying to work out where the artillery range sits in a quiver.

    What size waves and types of waves are the guys riding these in and are they recommended for?
    6-10ft pipe? or 'paddle round the whole ocean Sunset'... or?

    Based off volume and description I expect we're talking from pretty much DOH+?

    I'm not likely to see a demo in this part of the world nor one to feel up in the shop, but can order...
    Have a 6'8" thin flexfire pin that would compare to maybe the 605/607 artillery in volume, but differences to surf?

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    Chris commented on the Artillery vs Flexfire step ups recently saying the Artillery is primarily designed for taking off under big waves and holding in the tube whereas the Flexfires are more suited to being on the face of bigger waves and being able to wrap turns etc and surf more normally. It was something like that anyway, I'll try and dig up the post.
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      Here ya go:
      "The Artillery is a great board but it is a board that is truly designed for bigger barrel riding, NOT as much for turning and performance. It has a wider point forward and volume under the front foot for pumping under the lip of a wave. An example, Timmy Reyes rides a 603 and 605 at solid Pipe and Backdoor so that helps give you a little perspective on the wave it was designed for.

      Personally, I am looking at Alternator and Flexfire round tails long before the artillery unless you are CERTAIN you are going to have massive ones. If I were heading to Indo, off the cuff, I would have a 604 flexfire roundtail before an artillery because I want a little more of a shortboard feel."

      Hope that helps a bit


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        That's a great help. Thank you very much.
        He's the same height and weight as me but obviously a billion times more talented.
        I'll stick with the flexfire 68 for a bit. Maybe size up a 70 sometime in the future, or redo the 68 with round instead of pin tail.
        Artillery seems like a step up from my Lost Rock Up.