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Custom 6'6" Alt - thoughts?

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  • Custom 6'6" Alt - thoughts?

    As below I'm a 90kg intermediate long term surfer. I've had a 6'8" Alt which I got as I was coming back into the water after a long layoff. While it's fine I feel I can do with a touch less volume. I recently bought a 6'4" Futura which paddles fine. While it hasn't got float for the absolutely most gutless waves, it has enough for most conditions. Copunterbalancing that, as I'm getting older I feel like I can benefit from a touch more width than is probably "standard" on my boards.

    The board would be used typically in head high plus beach break, reef break and point conditions. While there is no doubt a lot of overlap with the Alt and the Futura, so far I'm finding the Alt just a touch more responsive.

    So I was wondering what views there were around me doing a CBD customisation on a 6'6" by making only one change, namely bringing the width out to somewhere between 20" and 20.25". The latter width is exactly the same as the 6'8" which I like, and indeed provided that's not considered too extreme that's probably what I'd do. It'd probably replace the 6'8" but I may keep the 6'8" for a while just out of caution.


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    I'd say go for it. You could maybe add a touch of nose width too if you want to keep that paddling volume as well as a touch straighter rail line. If you want it to ride shorter than your 6'8" I'd leave it stock.
    My CBD has ended up being the best shortboard I've ridden in 10 years so I definitely recommend getting a board through it.


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      Thanks prj.

      Nev, if you're still reading what do you think? Will I ruin the design integrity by going much wider than stock? I have no issues with the 6'8" width, I just want to reduce thickness a tad.