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  • Is this cause for concern?

    So I ordered myself a new 6'4" FST Alternator recently and have had 6 sessions on it so far. Only issue is after only these 6 sessions there is a considerable foot well in the deck of the board. I don't mean just a heel dent, I'm talking a foot well that has distorted the profile of the deck considerably. I noticed it out on the water and had a closer look at the profile when I came in.

    Now you might say I'm just heavy on the feet but I also own a 6'6" FST Alternator which I bought second hand (the older 2.5" model). I have been riding the 6'6" non stop for the past 6 months (up til the purchase of my 6'4") and cannot even see a discernable foot well on this board at all.

    It just seems odd that after 6 months of riding on the one board and only 6 sessions on the other that I have encountered this. Should I be at all concerned by this?



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    Pretty normal for the RF to develop a footwell. The high density foam of the FST has a higher impact strength. The RF board has a denser core though so it won't sink much more than it has already. I've got a Spitfire that's 20 months old and has been surfed a lot, the foot well developed fairly soon but hasn't really worsened over time.


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      yeah that is good insight prj. that is how mine have gone as well.


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        It isn't rapid fire. Both boards are FST construction.


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          Ah ok can you post a pic? I have a footwell in my sub scorcher buts is a fairly smooth indentation and nothing that would cause me concern.


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            I tried taking a couple of photo's but whether it's the camera or the photographer they just aren't showing up the same as with the naked eye. My main concern was the fact that this has happened firstly on the FST and secondly so soon. This is in fact the 3rd FST construction board I have owned and neither of the other 2 developed a foot well like this after far more use. Certainly as I said, my other Alternator still doesn't show any signs of a foot well after 6 months of solid use. I also own an RF construction board and whilst there are foot wells on that board it again took some months to develop. Had my other FST boards done the same I wouldn't be concerned, it just seemed very odd that this one has and after only 6 sessions. Perhaps I'll just have to suck it up, but as I said I was/am just a bit worried given how distinctly different this board has reacted and thought it may be somehow weaker.


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              it'll be fine, if anything crazy happens you'll be looked after i'm sure.


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                Cheers mate. I'll just see how it pans out.


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                  thanks fozzy!