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Drying out a ding on an RF Alternator

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  • Drying out a ding on an RF Alternator

    I dinged the tail on my Rapid Fire Alternator, and want to make sure I've completely dried it out before I get it fixed.

    There's no more than 1 square centimeter of foam exposed, but it's been producing drops of water for about 5 days now. I've had the board balanced on the back fin so the ding is a low down as possible, and I'm running a dehumidifier in the room. Today is the first day I've not felt a drop of water - does this mean it's dry? Will it be ok to repair it now?

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    I'd put it some where warm for a while, the put it back somewhere cool with some tissue paper under the ding. As it cools it should push the water out and the tissue will show if there's been any moisture there.
    It's worth giving that extra time to be completely sure it's dry but sounds like its getting there for sure!


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      Had a crack on my fins a few months backs and without knowing, water as getting in. Finally realized when the weight change got quite noticeable.. I know heat should be avoided but what I did I put the board on the sun covered by a towel so direct sunlight will not get to the board.At some point the board started to "regurgitate" the water out.Needles to say the board was supervised the entire hour I spent putting it like this and then in the shadows again to create the temp differential which allowed the effect described below That, a few holes and some days dying made the trick


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        Hot and cold? OK, I'll try that for a day or so. I love this board - I want it done properly!


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          The proper way is to give it time and let it dry out of direct sunlight. That's the best way to do it. If you have a spear board leave this one drying for a week or so on a well ventilated place. The issue with heat is that if you're not careful you could be doing more harm than good.
          The tricks here are to accelerate the process


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            thanks PRJ and Iggy