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  • Alternator all round classic

    The alternator is a classic all round short board with the benefit of FireWire tech and longevity. Paddling is 7 out of 10 and is not more effort than my spitfire. Shape is almost perfect for a short board, not too wide, great volume distribution and the squash tail is right for this board. There is just enough nose rocker to allow it to be surfed in semi steep waves and up. It is otherwise quite flat with a small amount of tail rocker which makes it fast and it doesn't bog on flat sections. I find it turns beautifully.. To sharpen it up I have komunity project k2.1's which really allow the alternator to make tight radius turns and snaps. The real advantage of this board is in firewire's tech with the progressive flex of fst, lightness and durability. The hold and feel on this shortboard will always have its advantages over most of the hybrid shapes I think. The alternator is a shortboard that could suit everyone. It is very user friendly, it doesn't seem to have any limitations for most conditions especially for average surfers. If anyone thinks there is abetted short board shape for an average surfer in the FireWire range I would like to know what you think.

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    The Alternator is definitely the best high performance shortboard for an average size and up average but regular recreational surfer in the FireWire line. In my opinion the Dom and Alt are the two staples that should always be at the centre of the FireWire line.


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      I think that the alternator was the result of many years of nevs shaping. It is in my opinion the culmination of shortboard design for average joe a perfect shortboard for everyday surf. There are probably heaps of similar pu boards out there from great shapers, the difference is firewire flex tech. The alternator is definitely not a chip, it has volume, but is not wide and short that is now popular with the hybrid revolution. The design has no real limitation, it goes in two foot surf and just gets better


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        yeah, Nev had been refining alt and flexfire style boards for years... for traditional style boards you cant beat them.. or the perfect mix of the two that nev and i both used to ride as a daily driver is the thicker version of the 6'2 flexfire.... what a board... if i was not having a second grommethood on the tomo's (or hellfire) i would still be riding it..!! .. one note on the alt though... dont ride it too big... ride it an inch or two shorter than your chippy shortboard.. which reminds me, the MB two inches down is also a beauty...


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          I have both the alternator and bourez (thin) in 6.0. the volume is almost simular on the two. I must say I like my bourez better. Find it paddles just as good, but feels more stable at higher speeds and turns smoother. The bourez is about 3 years newer thou, might have something to do with it.


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            mb has no bump and an even rocker and foil.. that gives you that feel.. it takes a bit more "finessing" in uneven waves though.. not much more...
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          Hello gents. Surfed on a 5'8 alternator and it was my favorite board that I've ever ridden. I've been surfing 10+ years and a lot of boards so for me, it was a breakthrough. The problem is I snapped it and I can't find any identical used boards. I'm dying to get on another and have been debating to do a custom order but trying not to pay that much money. Any ideas on where to look or talk to? I've been all over the internet and craigslist and so far my search has left me with dead ends. Any help is appreciated!