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Alternator 608 for South of Peru - Punta Hemosa region?

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  • Alternator 608 for South of Peru - Punta Hemosa region?

    Was wondering if someone here on the forum has surfed Firewires in the Southern part of Peru and Lima region? I am particularly interested if anyone has surfed the Alternator or Spitfire, and what their experience was.

    I will be going to Peru on April for two weeks and was thinking of bringing my Alt 608 and Spitfire 604,

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    yeah sound like a great pair for the waves there so long as they fit you.

    feel free to post your height, weight and ability and people will help you out the best they can.

    Cheers and stoked on the interest.


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      Hi Chris, thanks.

      I guess you are not able to see my signature? it contains the info you asked....


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        It's likely he was on his phone. Sig's don't show up on the mobile site.


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          I surfed in Lima this past December while on a family trip. Was at Makaja on a solid swell which brought waves over a period of an entire week. That particular wave will suit perfectly a hybrid board. Wish I would have brought my Spit and Potato.
          Chunky runny waves which go for quite a distance. IMG_3296.jpgIMG_3298.jpg


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            Cool yeah Ben I think you targeting really good sizes. I think you should do great with those 2 options. I also like those sizes for you. Only thing is you have to surf the wave in the beginning of this clip. Such a little growing barrel, but its a hoot to surf!!



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              Great pics and video, like the barrel, sweet, and thanks for the positive words on the recommendation of the boards, seems like its all dandy with SF604 and the way I dont own any other boards right now so, they will go any how :-) hehe.

              I surfed the Alt in 6-9 feet clean clean faces two weeks ago epic conditions, wow Im so stoked about this board, great for bigger days. I like the shape alot, thinking of making a fat 604Alt via the CBD as a more allround board for the smaller but still clean waves, sure the spitfire is good, I am just silly with the more traditional shape of the alternator and the feel of this outline.



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                Surfed the Alt 608 again today, 6-8 feet nice clean close-out type beach break, though as the tide was pretty low duck diving at the sand banks were kind of interesting. Im so happy with the feeling of the Alt, only issue I have is that surfing the Spitfire in smaller surf, you become lazy with the paddling, is so easy to catch waves with the SF...that when I am changing to the Alt, I have to remember to adjust and give it a bit extra on the paddling and leg kicking.... These two boards are just complimenting eachother so well.

                Cheers :-)


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                  hey Ben great to hear!!! I guess the lesson is to remember to paddle hard when the surf gets good!?!?!



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                    Very glad to hear.

                    I surfed my own 6'8" Alt in 3 foot (head high) surf this morning. I was just reminded what a great board it is. I'd been tending to take my Dom out in as big surf as it will handle, but the Alt really is a higher performing board. I'm reminded it is a perfect compliment to the Spit or Dom. I'll be sure to take mine out more often in good surf.


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                      yeah and another good point is that a little overlap is good!!! you don't want mutually exclusive boards.


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                        Good point there. So often with the first instinct to go for the Dom my thought process was "is it too big for the Dom?" and if the answer was "No" I surfed the Dom. But a lot of those waves I could have surfed the Alt, and the Alt would have been a better call. Throw in the Hellfire and you have heaps of crossover! With other financial priorities that's why I'm thinking the Dom/Alt quiver covers enough and has enough cross over, although adding a HF would be ideal.

                        I'm now recalibrating my mindset. Rather than "Dom first" thinking, maybe I'll have an "Alt first" mentality and surf the Dom when the Alt wouldn't be suitable. Around that shoulder/head high mark is about the magic point, with maybe the Dom better in fatter waves of that size, and the Alt better if they are well formed ones.


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                          That's my plan too Buzzy. Try to get back to a shortboard as my go to board and save the hybrids for when they are 'needed'.
                          I do love riding the hybrids though.


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                            Ben what kind future fins do u use for your alt? I have same size alt. do u use different fins different conditions, size etc... Mahalo, gkekoa