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    Hi guys, I have an option on 2nd hand 6.0. I'm 6.2 and 82kg (180lb), super fit and at quite an advanced level of surfing. I surf mainly sloppy beach breaks 2 - 4 ft, with the odd few good days here and there. I have really been struggling with boards over the last 2 years. I usually ride about 5.11 x 19 1/2 x 2 3/8. Just below 28 litres, but not sure how accurate that measurement is. Im really looking for a board that will go in everything from 1 - 4ft, and MUST have the traditional performance short board feel to it. Also, it will need to handle the odd 4ft clean point break day. So, would thte Alternator give me this??? And, would I get away with the 6.0? I'm happy with volume, happy with length, happy with thickness, just worried about width as I usually ride between 19 & 19 1/2. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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    should be alright imo. riding short and wide boards for your build could be what you've been struggling with. if it doesn't work out you should be able to make your money back selling it on if it's a decent price.


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      I reckon it'd be perfect. The Alt is a great board.


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        Thanks guys. @Phill, i struggle with "long" boards and always feel like its a lot of nore to pull around in short tight turns. BUT, i recently went from about 27l to 28l but kept width and length the same, and it made a huge difference. Guy surfed the board once, tore a knee ligament and its just standing there. Can pick it up for about R3000. About $280... So pretty sure i can get my money back if it doesnt go...