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MF-1s on Alternator - anyone used them?

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  • MF-1s on Alternator - anyone used them?

    Hello, I am up for some new fins on my fairly new 606 alternator. I have read heaps of commercial propaganda on how good the MF 1s are but have not seen any reviews from normal surfers. any one used them with an Alt?


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    I still haven't seen MF fins at retail here.
    I'd look into the Soar Powerbase fins. The Soar OCMF is Micks template that he used to glass on, but I'm not if they make them in the Powerbase form yet.
    The DL is what Taj uses though, Andy Irons pretty much exclusively used DLs too.
    They are made in Aus and overall the consistency and quality is superior to FCS.
    If you're in Aus you can order direct, but if you're in the US and you're interested in a set let me know and I can pass on an email address for a guy who has distribution for them in the US.


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      So are Kinetic Racing fins just Billabong brand Soars?


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        Nah, but the AI fin is practically the same template I've been told. Built from different materials though. Looks like the Kinetics have a bunch or carbon etc in the base to stiffen them up, but the ultra stiff base is wasted if there's movement from the fin in the plugs if you ask me.
        I'm really impressed with the fit of the Powerbase fins. Once they're screwed down into the board they are completely solid in the base. No side to side movement whatsoever.


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          Hey PRJ - can you put powerbase fins into the FCS plugs on firewires? The powerbase website says you should only use powrbase plugs. -

          Anyway, I am in Oz and the Mf-1s are in all the shops. They look good but a bit pricey(150).


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            Yeah the powerbase fit FCS. From what I've been told, fusions are fine, but the older style black FCS plugs wouldn't be the best idea. I think in a regular PU/PE board then the powerbase plugs are a wise choice.


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              Got some Powerbase armourplate DXLs form the surf shop- less than half the price of Mf-1s so definetly worth a try. I had to file the Tabs down to get them to fit properly in the fusion plugs, but now they are nice and snug.
              I notice the power base plugs are very long. With the fusion plugs the fin sticks out a few cm in front and behind the plug - pushing straght down onto the board - It should be ok on FST but I definetly would not trust this on a Rapidfire board.

              The forcast swell did not arrive so I have not had a go on them yet... but they look good.


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                Sounds good. Yeah I filed the tabs on mine a little too.
                Had a surf on mine a few days ago. They felt really good. Very solid and responsive, even in average waves. I reckon they will go so good in pumping waves.