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Alternator or Flexfire and 2 board quiver

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  • Alternator or Flexfire and 2 board quiver

    Looking for the wisdom of the community.
    Hoping you can take the time to help me out building up a quiver. I want to pick up two Firewires to fulfill 95% of my riding needs, most likely will pick up a used step up for the bigger day 5%.

    About me:
    6'2", 195 lbs, early 30s, very fit, upper intermediate, surf 3 months straight out of the year, riding a 6'5" x 19 1/4 everyday shortboard now.
    First board: small wave, soft/mushy/whatever, something I'll use more when surfing summertime/fall Oregon, Vancouver island when wearing 5/4 wetsuit and not in as great paddling shape. Thinking 6'0" Dominator.
    Second board: something to use most days for three months around Indo and good waves anywhere, Balangan in Bali being my most frequented break, can't decide between Flexfire/Alternator. Thinking custom 6'4" Flexfire with wider and thicker dimensions.
    I'd like to bring both boards to Indo and looking for user friendly versatile boards. Might even spend summer in Cali.
    What would you do?
    Really appreciate the time and help. Thank you

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    Alternator is a good choice, but in indo you could certainly benefit from the slightly more refined Flexfire. You could also consider the Hellfire for a user friendly board that sounds like it handles some juice really well.
    As a second board, the Dominator is for sure a good choice. It'll handle a huge range of conditions and it surfs really predictably. Forgiving yet still high performance.
    I think the sizes you have in mind sound pretty good.


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      yep flexfire not alternator...although few more options this year..


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        Ive ridden both and for bigger guys I would go with the Alternator every time, the Flexfire for me is too refined and too fickle, while I feel at home on the alternator. When its on you want to be confident.


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          realllllllly tough call given that you only surf 3 months a year....given that I would say Alternator all the way....


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            Thanks guys,

            Yeah, agreed on the Alternator. And I think the 6'4" dimensions will be spot on. Now...Dominator or Potatonator!!! First world problems;)


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              The Dom would surely be a more versatile board. The precise use for it depends on sizing. If you get a board at the lower end of the volume range for your size it'll suit average waves better, have a higher "top end" range, but won't go so well in small waves. If you get average to more volume for your size then it'll go great in small waves, well in average ones, but its top end limit will be reached more quickly.

              I suspect a lot of people have gone really small in the Dom and then found it more limited in tiny waves, leading them to look at the Sweet Potato (and now the Potatonator) for the tiny days. At the volume I have the board relative to my size it goes great on small days, great on average days, and I then flip over to the Alt when it starts getting head high and above. I've surfed the Dom in 1.5X overhead and it was fine, but the Alt would have been better.

              I'm not saying that the Potatonator wouldn't be a 100% ripping choice by the way. A wider, flat rockered board will flyyyyyyyyyy in small waves, more than a Dom. It just won't go top/bottom as well.


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                i just noticed the "surf 3 months" bit...i retract my flexfire and raise you an alternator


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                  oh and i have the 604 too...i use it after lay offs with my back to cruise a bit...perfect for your needs....but it can do a lot more than cruise if ya give it the boot...!!!


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                    I'm the worst when it comes to shopping decisions...before I pull the trigger this week one more call out to let me know what you would do or recommend a buddy in the same situation. I'll be more specific with my needs.

                    Solid intermediate, early 30s and very fit, 6'2" and 193-198 lbs, get 90 days of surf a year, landlocked the rest of the time. Current board is a Surf Prescriptions ProII (your everyday standard short board) 6'5"x19 1/4"x2 9/16" which I'm happy with, feel it floats me well, don't know the volume, catch plenty of waves with this board. This boards getting old so selling it and treating myself to a couple Firewires.

                    What 2 board quiver to handle:

                    - First board to handle the majority of shoulder+ days of 2 months in Indo, Balangan is my favourite wave and the one I feel most comfortable on, will surf it up to double overhead. Otherwise Shipwrecks, Ulus, other waves of this type up to overhead and a half. Going to the Mentawaiis for the first time this year too. Would like a board to allow me to get in earlier on the bigger/steeper/more consequence waves but a touch shorter than my current board for maneuverability. Stuck between:
                    - 6'4" Alternator - too much volume and too thick in the rail? I would guess this would be most similar to my current board which wouldn't be such a bad thing, just a touch shorter and wider.
                    - 6'4" Bourez - the thicker version?
                    - 6'5" Hellrazor?
                    - Maybe I should be going longer than I'm thinking?

                    - Second board to handle all the rest including summer/fall smaller/mushier waves in Oregon/Vancouver Island with a 5/4 wettie, and smaller days in Indo, summertime Trestles, Blacks, and everything in between. Was thinking 6'0" Spitfire but maybe leaning more:
                    - 6'0" Dominator to cover the lower range and better when not wearing wettie
                    - 6'2" Dominator maybe for the 5/4 days, but I would like to stay shorter
                    - 6'0" Potatonator?

                    I've read all the threads, gone back in the history, and I'm sure you know how it goes, the more you read the more questions you've got.

                    Anyway, I know I'm overcomplicating all this, just looking for last minute input before ordering and really appreciate the suggestions posted so far.
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                      I think the Michel Bourez and the Dominator will give you a great 2 board quiver that'll cover a wide range of conditions. Especially considering a lot of it will be in Indo quality.
                      Sizing is tough. Where does the volume calculator put you?


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                        Funny calculator, I punch in 193-198 and it gives me around 31-41L. I punch in 200 and it jumps up to 34-44L.


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                          I guess it moves up in 5 or 10 lbs increments.

                          Based on that I guess the 6'2" Dom and the thicker 6'4" or even 6'6" MB. That seems like a lot of board though so I'd stay on the lower side.
                          I think you're similar weight to Dave (corepersonaltraining) and he's been riding a 510 Hellfire and is talking about getting the thicker 6'2" MB. Based on that, and your fitness I'd say you should be good with the 6'0" Dom and 6'4" MB.
                          However it's the thicker suits at home that throw a spanner in the works.


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                            I reckon you're spot on with the short list there and sizes.

                            I'd personally suggest either the 6'4" Alternator or thicker MB at the same length, and a 6'0" Dominator. I suspect that the Alt will offer more drive in softer waves than the MB and is probably closer to your current shortboard, so I'd lean toward that. But really, you could pick any of the boards you have listed from the two groups and they'd all work great for you.


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                              Incidentally, my recommendations are based around you likely being toward the lower end of the weight range when surfing. If you're toward the upper end I agree with prjwebb that you should probably go the 6'2" in the Dom, and maybe even consider the 6'6" in the MB or Alt. Probably the 6'4" Alt and 6'2" Dom would be a good combo at that higher weight though.