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Custom Alt. how wide and thick is too much??

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  • Custom Alt. how wide and thick is too much??

    i'm 6'4" 205 lbs and ride the 6'8" 20 1/4" and 2 3/4" alt and like it quite a bit but would love to get to a board closer to my height so i can get my feet in the right place. my front foot is where it belongs but my back foot is on the front of the traction pad in front of the two fins. not good. i don't really have room to widen my stance. it's pretty wide. i was wondering about going 6'4" with the same volume. say 21" and 3"? anyone know of any problems with that. it seems the obvious to me but if it was the best idea i guess we'd see boards start getting wider and thicker after 6'4" (assuming few surfers over 6'4") but they don't. they just keep the dims relative and scale longer and longer for those who need more float. is that because they're just scaling the ideal board they made at 5'11" and want to keep the same dims or are those the necessary proportions for the best performance?

    basically i'm asking is it crazy to add 1 1/4" in width and 3/8" thickness to the stock 6'4"?

    how would it handle compared to the stock 6'8"?

    am i write in assuming that getting on a board my height will help me have my back foot were it belongs (or at least 2" closer. 2" off the front of the board, 2" off the back of the board).


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    I reckon that's too much. I don't even think the CBD program would permit such a big variation.

    I reckon if you went 20.25" and 2.75" you'd be pretty close. You might even consider those dimensions in a 6'6". You could even up the thickness a tad to 2 13/16" or 2 7/8". You could do that in either length. That would help keep the same volume.

    I surf a 6'8" and have foot placement issues from time to time but I'm only 5'9.5". I would have thought at 6'8" the Alt would be pretty close to an ideal length for you. 6'6" for sure. Dan Ross is around 6'2", was a world tour surfer, and his main board is or was a 6'5" I think. Even now Jordy at around 99kg and 6'2" or so has a go to board around the 6'3" mark.
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      I rode the 604 alt at 95+ kgs and it was more than enough volume then...too much in juice...stance is one thing that the shorter board may help, but i would be wary about thickening the board was already thickened a while back to separate it from the flexfire...if you will only slide along slower flat faces then maybe, but steep and fast may get challenging... if you are a competent surfer you should look at dropping that volume down...only feels hard for a week or two... btw.. the stock 604 is a great board if you can dominate it...which you will be able to board quiver