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  • Extra Fin Plugs

    Hi all could you give some advice on converting an Alternator to a tri/quad fin set up. Would prob ask local South Wales shaper JP if he could do it. Would adding to extra fin boxes cause any problems? Would it affect the build strength, weight or balance of the board (or anything else)? On one hand i think something things are best left alone (maybe the Alts design isnt conducive to be ridden as a quad) but on the other, having the extra fin options would be great and add another dimension of verasatility. Cheers

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    If it's an FST board you'd probably need to cut sections of the corecell foam away, put a high density insert of foam in the core to hold the box and then vac bag a new layer of corecell back over the area and then install the fin box within that. Thats the only way I can see to get them in with full strength.
    Potentially you could just route a fusions box in and drop it in as they have their own high density layer around the box, but I'm pretty sure Firewire add their own HD foam to bed the fin plugs into for maximum strength.

    If it's a Rapidfire board it'll be much simpler.

    I think an Alternator would be a fun board as a quad. Chris, I reckon adding a 5 fin option to that model would be a good revamp for next year!


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      Cheers. Yeah its FST. I think if i was to do something like that i would like it done properly otherwise a little knock would probaly pull the fin plugs out. I wouldnt wanna affect the intregity of the board but from what you describe that sounds very expensive! 5 fins seem to be the way forward for sure!