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  • Addvance - Need Help!

    Second time around looking at the Addvance and have been relegated to my high performance long board but not nearly enough. Bought a custom Rusty Big Cat and rode it a few times. 7-6, 23, 3 epoxy that was nice. But, i'm not in the water nearly as much as I used to be and looking just to catch a lot of waves. Not interested in going out in big surf anymore, and have stopped surfing the NY winters...just looking for a nice all around new board.

    Here are the stats...56 years old, been surfing for 40 years and rode everything. Big guy at 6-2, 250lbs but fat fit and in good shape. I can still hold my own in the lineup, but just looking for some options. Mainly hard off the bottom, hard off the top type of surfing.

    Look at the 7-6 but looks big, think the 7-2 would work. I would appreciate your input and thoughts.

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    I think you are on the right track!!


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      An Addvance will reignite the stoke for you Newuser1. For what your looking for it will allow you to surf much more up and down than any longboard, but give you the paddle of a longboard. The size is your preference.


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        Whats your take on fins, I have ridden quads...think they are a bit square off the bottom but like the speed. tri set up allow for the hard off the bottom - off the top approach that I being a big guy do I need something bigger for a more powerful turn? My area is best suited for lefts and on my backhand.

        Glad to be back and appreciate the feedback.


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          hey Newuser,
          Do you happen to know the volume of the Rusty that you have been riding?


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            Chris - No, not sure but here are the dims:

            It's a bit too thick even for a 250 pound guy. Your thoughts?


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              Pancho Sullivans - Don't bother with quads. I could never get them to work in my Addvance