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6'6 Addvance v 6'10 addvance

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  • 6'6 Addvance v 6'10 addvance

    Hi all,

    I am 40 and been surfing for 25 years, 6 foot and weigh 98kgs. I have moved to Norway and only get back to Oz once a year with the kids for a month. I surf as much as I can during this time.
    Last time I was back I borrowed a mates 6'6 Addvance and I laughed. It felt like a boat, but I was very surprised how manuverable it was. I was doing cutbacks like I would on my 6'8 thin board.

    After I surfed this, I struggled on the short board again. I also have a 6'8 swallow fish which is a great board but I would also like to have an addvance.

    As I only get in the water once a year for a month I was wondering if I should order the 6'6 or go for the 6'10. Is the 6'10 as manuverable as the 6'6? Easy to do a cutback on the 6'10?
    Is it a lot easier to catch waves with the 6'10? The 6'6 was difficult to duck dive, although I did manage. Dont think I would have any luck duck diving the 6'10.

    Appreciate the feedback (will be ordering one asap before I get back to Oz again).


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    Ive only ever surfed the 702 so can't comment on what difference the smaller Addvances are, although they seem to drop alot in volume between sizes. I was able to duck dive my 702 Addvance with a bit bit of timing, obviously not as well as I can my 6'10 Hellfire.


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      If I was only surfing a month a year @ 97kg I'd get the 6'10" for sure. It'd still be manoevreable, but would make everything a touch easier. Duck diving will take work, sure. But getting into waves will be much easier and it'll be plenty manoevreable at your weight.


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        What about the Dominator??? have consider going that way?


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          If you do a custom dom, wider all down the line but same thickness, you pretty much end up with a 610 Addvance but with a different tail... well, at least in size and looks. No idea if this is a reasonable idea, was just playing around.


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            I'm pretty sure the Addvance has more rocker than the Dom, which makes it a more versatile board.


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              The ADDvance has a big nose kick which makes it easy to take a later drop. It also has a narrower tail than the Dom which makes it reasonably loose as well. I haven't ridden Dom so can't compare. The Addvance is a great board for what you need. Of all the Firewires I have surfed it has the most fun factor.


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                Thanks guys. I havent looked at the Dominator because the Addvance was so much fun to surf. I used it on my first day back in the water after 2 years and got up straight away and surfed it like I hadnt left the water. So I guess maybe I answered the question myself right there. Maybe the 6'6 will do the job, although as I am getting older the fitness is taking a hammering! I guess the main point is - if it is a lot easier to catch waves with it, then it could be a good option...