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What size addvance do you recommend?

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  • What size addvance do you recommend?

    I am 40 years old 5'11" and about 175 lbs. I have been surfing occasionally for about 5
    years, but have gotten a little more serious about it over the last 2 years. I take
    2-3 week long or more surf vacations per year and try to make it in the water 1-2
    times per month in northern california. I currently ride a 9'2 Walden Magic Model,
    and use a 10' board on Hawaii on trips. Over the last year, my surfing has
    improved a lot. I am able to catch most waves that I paddle for, am able to turn
    both directons, and am able to handle later takeoffs in waves up to about head high.
    I would consider paddling power as my main weakness, but am in pretty good physical
    condition and improve quickly when I have a lot of time in the water. I am looking for
    a board to step down in size on to gain more maneuverability, and to handle the steeper
    takeoffs of the beach breaks here in Northern California. I was thinking about the 6'10,
    but for my weight, the 6'6" also seams reasonable. Also, I am not looking to replace
    my longboard, but rather to add a new tool to the quiver to handle different conditions.

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    Hey Darin,
    Stoked on the interest and support.

    yeah go 610 or smaller. you definitely don't need any more volume than what you find in the 610... Anything bigger than the 610 and you really won't be gaining a lot from the added float other than decreased maneuverability...

    Cheers and hope this helps


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      Would you suggest the 6'10 over the 6'6 for my size and surfing frequency? Any real advantages of one over the other?


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        Hi Darin. I have the 6'6" Addvance. I'm 40 yo, 160lbs, 5'10". I thought I'd write because I also have an 8'0 Walden Magic Model.

        I've really enjoyed the 6'6" Addvance. It has quite a bit of versatility. It overlaps conditions where I'd take out the 8'0" Walden. I can use it practically as a longboard substitute unless the waves are really small. It's been good for me learning turns.

        I guess 6'6 or 6'10" could really be personal preference; I am guessing a 6'6" would be easier for you to turn and you may enjoy the greater maneuverability, etc. Have you ridden below 7' before? Maybe rent any board around 7" and see if you have the balance down. If so, 6'6" could be your board, 6'10" if not..

        Lately I've been stepping down from the 6'6" Addvance to the 6'2" Potatonator. I've been swapping between those boards this week.. it's been a blast!

        Also depends on your tolerance for buying boards, if you don't mind outgrowing a larger board and swapping for a slightly smaller one later.

        That's just my thought as someone in roughly the same ballpark for age, skill & quiver..
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          I am about 98 kgs(215lbs empty of beer)and the duckdiving with my 610 ADDvance is a little bit hard so i guess the 606 for you would be the choice.

          Enjoy it!!!!


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            Hi thisisharmless, I'd love to hear your comparison between the ADDvance and Potatornator. What conditions your like them both for, how they paddle etc.



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              just my insight real quick. The addvance is meant to be ridden both longer and with more volume (generally speaking) so you are going to have a style that reflects this. Look to ride the potatonator a bit shorter and with less volume, resulting in a snappier and more sensitive ride. The addvance on the other hand will yield a cruisey ride with more drawn out lines. Both are great, user friendly boards, but you could argue that the Addvance is going to be a little bit easier to ride while offering a little more stability.

              hope this helps


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                Thanks for all the responses. Thisisharmless, I have never ridden anything shorter than my 9'2. I'm not terribly worried about about adjusting to length, as I think I adapt pretty quickly balance wise.
                I guess I am leaning towards the 6'10" mostly for conditioning and wave count, as I really only make it out 1-2x per month. I don't know exactly how much difference there will be between the 6'6 and
                the 6'10 in regards to glide and wave catching ability. I guess I also have to consider that I do wear a 5/3 wetsuit here in our chilly CA water, so that will weigh me down a little bit. I don't mind too
                much if I have to buy another board in a year or so if I adjust well. If I do adjust well, I can then think about something more duckdiveable (Is that a word? lol). But then again, there is only 4" difference
                in length. Now I may have just talked myself into the 6'6". :)
                Decisions, decisions.
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                  Hi STC67,
                  Chris summed it up pretty well. Potatonator is faster and 'snappier' for sure. I take the Addvance when I want something easier and crusier. I would also add that I can duck-dive the Potatonator but not the Addvance. When I'm feeling snappy I take the Potatonator, if I'm feeling lazy/cruisy then the Addvance is a better choice. The Addvance is awesome on a variety of waves but when waves are larger you have to get out outside without duck diving. I've only had a few sessions on the Potatonator but had the best rides on 3' - 4' spilling waves. I feel like I'm shortboarding on the Potatonator, and on a large fish or mini-longboard for the Addvance. I'm pretty happy with the paddle for both.
                  Originally posted by STC67 View Post
                  Hi thisisharmless, I'd love to hear your comparison between the ADDvance and Potatornator. What conditions your like them both for, how they paddle etc.

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                    So, I haven't pulled the trigger yet and am having a little bit of a difficult decision choosing between the 6'6 and the 6'10.
                    At 5'11" 175lbs, will the experience be much different between the two boards. Will the 6'10" be significantly easier to catch
                    waves with? Will the experience be that much different between the two? Sorry for beating a dead horse, but this is my
                    first venture towards a shorter board.


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                      If your goal is to move towards more shortboard style moves I'd go with the 606. If you're looking to have a smaller and more manageable board than the longboards but still want that cruisey glide then I'd steer you towards the 610.

                      Based on your difficulty making the decision I'm thinking you're leaning more towards the 606? It's going to have plenty of volume still for your weight but it'll have you well on your way towards shortboarding where the 610 might still feel a bit long (although compared to what you've been riding I guess both are going to feel really short)


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                        Yes, agreed 100%


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                          Thank you. This is the kind of information I was wanting to hear. The science of choosing a board is really a mystery for me. I feel like the 6'6" really is the call based on what you wrote. I was just nervous that I might purchase a board and get frustrated if I ended up choosing one that was too difficult to catch waves on. On the other hand, I don't want to end up buying a board that would be ridden in the same conditions or in too similar a style to my 9'2" longboard. I have a feeling that if I stepped down to a mini-mal, I would get bored pretty fast.
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                            Yeah its important to remember, too, that every transition carries with it a period of adjustment. A lot of times, the guys on the forum are going to make sure you don't wind up with a board that is under volumed, and with that being the case, you are going to be a in a good spot to grow into your board.

                            A lot of it comes down to a wide array of factors and in the end, make sure you take the advice that you are given, internalize it a bit and then make the best decision you can. Its important that, in the end, the final decision resonates with you.



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                              Thanks everybody. I put in an order for a 6'10" Addvance today. Hopefully the availability is good. I spoke with a couple of guys at the shop and they recommended I go with the bigger size to keep the wave count up in my transition to a shorter board, especially since my surfing is pretty sporadic. I can always get something else later if I transition quickly.