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What size addvance do you recommend?

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    Well, it turns out the 6'10" addvance will not be available here in CA anytime soon. The shop does have a couple of 6'8 dominators in stock. Would one of these be a good alternative or a mistake since they are meant to be surfed shorter? I was looking to try and maintain something in a similar volume to the addvance.


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      The 6'8" Dom is a MASSIVE board, but then again, compared to an Addvance, maybe it would be OK. There is a guy locally who has a 6'8" Dom and loves it. He bought it knowing it was oversized, (even though he weighs about 200lbs), and he says it has got him into more waves than he has had a right to. After a couple of years, he is now at the point that he is wanting something with a bit more performance. He will likely be replacing it with either a 6'2" or 6'4" Spitfire.

      In short, the 6'8" Dom will do the trick, but you can expect to be wanting another board in a while.


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        I thought I would tack my question into this thread as its a similar issue. I'm 6ft3 and weight 185lbs (42 yrs old), advanced beginner (surfing about 4 years but intermittently) coming down from a long board. I decided on the Addvance and was going for a 702 due to my inconsistent surf patterns (I dont live on the coast) and low skill level (I'm not worried about 'outgrowing' the board anytime soon) - thanks to previous advice from this board for the choice (appreciating that the 610 is also probably suitable).

        However, unexpectedly I have the chance to get a second hand 706. I won't be able to demo surf it. I know its a big board. The extra length doesnt worry me (its 1 1/2 ft shorter than my current board - will probably help me popup in my old age as well, as I can start from my toes). However, the volume does raise concerns. I'm not looking for cutbacks and airs or high performance, just something easier to turn and better for steep beach breaks than my longboard. I'm not going to surf any bigger than overhead, at least for a few more years (well, in reality, probably I never will). I appreciate the performance of a 706 is probably slightly less than a 702 (or 610)

        Will a 706 be 'too hard' to control (I have visions of trying to turn and just skating across the surface because I can't bury the rail...)? Could I (for example) compensate for the buoyancy by bigger than normal fins (maybe use longboard fins)? Or is a 706 just generally a not great idea?

        Thanks everyone


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          Hi DTC,

          My 2 cents.

          Even though the 706 is an "opportunity" I think it would be too big for you. There is a massive amount of foam it it. I am 210 lbs and would only be considereing a 706 as a longboard replacement for full days at my local point where the longboarders and SUPS have taken over. The 702 would be OK and probably the 610 even better at your weight. Don't underestimate how easy these boards are to catch waves and how fun they are to surf. I know you are not talking cutbacks now, but a few sessions on an Addvance and you will be. If you are talking about a longboard replacement for steep beach breaks. The Addvance is the right board.



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            I'm pretty close to your size and age. The 7'6", in my opinion, would be absolutely massive. I'd pass on it unless you are looking to surf it exactly like you would surf a longboard - and if you are, why not just go with the longboard you have already got?

            So, go with the 6'10 and you will be cutting back in no time.


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              Thanks STC and Gnubee - I had assumed the board was probably too big but you have helped me confirm. I realise the 610 is probably the 'best' board, but going down 2ft (to 702) from my current board is about as big a step as I think I should take right now, especially because I am not a regular surfer. If I had a month of surfing I would get the 610 and figure it out; but like lots of non-coast dwellers I get one surf here, then 3 surfs, then a month off, then another 4, then a break for winter etc.

              If I manage to sort out the 702 and think a smaller board is worth a go, then I'll pretend to be a real surfer (rather than 'someone who surfs') and have a 3 board quiver!


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                I hear you! I don't live on the coast either. Got to make do with what we get.


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