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The eternal question for a magic answer: which size for me ? ;-)

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  • The eternal question for a magic answer: which size for me ? ;-)

    More I read forums, more I am lose! The level is not the same, the weight is not the same, the surf conditions are not identical… I’ve email to a lot of online shop and I received really kind answers but all really different!

    I am 51 years old, 6‘0, 150 lbs and in a very good physic condition! I practice the surf for 5 years, a couple of weeks per year for holidays in the „Landes“ in France. There the waves are pretty short with normally 2 – 3 feet, until 6 feet, but my holidays are short: I surf all moving waves ;-)
    My take-off is absolutely correct, frontside too and I become to be confident in backside. I am the owner of a BIC Natural surf 7‘9, it’s fairly coarse, heavy and unwieldy: I‘m searching for something better and I think that the Addvance is THE solution. Yes, but which size? 6‘6? 6’10? 7‘2? There is a diference of 5 and 8 liters, Argl! What do you mind? I need your experiment.

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    6'10" is the safe choice, but if your aim is to stick with the board for a while and develop your surfing further the 6'6" would be a lot of fun and allow you to progress further.


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      Thank you for your advice. I practice surfing two weeks a year, the waves are really small and I do not want to miss any! I believe that wisdom is to go for a volume that allows me to take all up. So I think I'll opt for the 7'2, less maneuverable but that avoid the big frustrations ;-)


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        I just got back from a holiday in France! It is one very beautiful country. You are one lucky dude JoByTheLandes.

        Either the 6'10 or 6'6 you can't go wrong. If your fit, and get to surf regularly I would go the 6'6.

        Enjoy mate!


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          6'10" Addvance serais mon conseil aussi. C'est un planche qui va te permettre de prendre des vagues très facilement at serais aussi performante qand les conditionnes deviennent plus grandes.
          Alors amuse toi et prépare toi a revenir dans le temps quelques années
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            Thanks! I come from Switzerland, that is a beautiful country too but there is not a lot of big waves... For me, surfing is only 2 weeks a year!

            Et pour iggy qui me répond en français : je suis en pleine crise ! C'est vraiment la grande question 6'10 ou 7'2 ?!? Le shop ou je veux acheter mon surf m'a répondu 6'10 pour les manoeuvres, 7'2 pour prendre toutes les vagues! Mais je ne sais pas dans quelle mesure le personnel du shop a déjà essayé le modèle Addvance. Je pense que les intervenants de ce forum ont un peu plus d'expérience, c'est d'ailleurs pour cette raison que je suis là ;-)

            Merci à tous


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              Bienvenue Joby, c'est pour ça que cet forum a été crée


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                Hey JoByTheLandes, My folks also came from Switzerland & constantly told me how beautiful it is! Don't remember then talking about waves much though unless you count the base of the Rhinefall!

                I reckon you should go the 6'10" as you only get to surf on your hols, the Addvance will easily out performance your 7'9" & because you are fit you will more than likely pick up most waves you go for!

                Hope you find your magic board & enjoy the magic!


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                  Switzerland, that’s the mountains and lakes at 30 minutes, sea at 6 hours, 10 hours to the ocean and Paris to 5 hours! In short, all dreams are accessible!

                  I had fun to do a little calculation, enough accurate to evaluate the volume of the BIC Natural Surf. It gives me a volume of 59 liters for the BIC, 2 more than the addvance 6'10 and 3 less than 7'2! I don’t need more volume, 2 liters less doesn’t play an important role. The board addvance is lighter than the BIC, and I lost weight ;-)

                  Your experience and unconditional encouragement for the 6'10 have persuaded me, I will be take the 6'10. This is also, from what I’ve reading, the original shape, I like this idea!

                  And now a new headlock: quad or thruster ;-) I believe the advance comes with thruster set, I will buy a quad set to compare.

                  A big thank you, I will make you a little review when I return from holidays...


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                    If you are 150 lbs. i thought that the 606 will suit you perfect.
                    Waves in Landes are enough strong to catch all you will see with 606 add.
                    for me with 610 the duck diving is a little bit dificult
                    I have tested the addvance 706 and I catched all the waves but the duckdiving were impossible for me
                    you can´t be wrong with your choice because the addvance is very good board.
                    Enjoy it!!


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                      Hi gizona,

                      You come from a neighboring region of the Landes, the waves of the Basque coast are more energetic than those of Landes ;-) As I said before, I don’t want to risk staying planted in the water, I want to ride anything that moves during two weeks! And I think now and too the 6'10 is good for that!