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  • Aadvabce turning ability

    Guys 1'm 60yo, 100kg, approx 180cm & been surfing for 50yrs, still go ok on a good day I mainly surf Sydney Oz & east coast oz. I've got boards ranging from 6'10" to 7'8' but I'm like a lot of older guys looking for more float, ie waves, due to shoulders wearing out. So I'm looking at getting a 7'2" Aadvance, I'm trying to get my hands on a test ride but don't like my chances. I was wondering if I could get some comments, probably from the older guys, about how these boards ride & turn. Can they be ridden like a shortboard where you can crank them around or are more longboardish where its more about the glide & slow turn. Are they stable on the takeoff. All comments will be gladly accepted. Thanks

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    hey uncle. Its hard to speak with certainty as to whether it will ride enough like a shortboard for your preference but here is what I can say:

    The addvance is going to be lighter, have a little more rocker and boasts a more pulled in tail than a lot of other longboard substitutes. What this means is that when you get it into a good wave, you can use the power of the ocean to make the board go for you. Is the addvance a true shortboard? No way. You would want to go the route of the Alternator or Flexfire if that were the most important factor in choosing your next board, but at your age and size I think you would be taking a step back!!

    The Addvance, in my opinion, offers a good blend of volume and performance and can say that the people that ride it consistently are very happy with its ease of use and performance.