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Addvance 7'2 or 6'10 how much difference does it make?

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  • Addvance 7'2 or 6'10 how much difference does it make?

    Hi Guys I have been scouring the web for a board that can give me everything I want, help with the paddle and catching waves, some stability and the room to become more proficient with turns. From what I have seen the Addvance seems to fit the bill. I am a 32 year old novice surfer, 6' 180lb who gets to surf a couple of trips a year, Sri Lanka and the Maldives this year. this is a link to a vid of me at Pasta Point this year to give a very accurate idea of where I'm at . The board in the vid is a Takayama 7'10" Egg I hired, I also currently own a 7'6 NSP fun board back in NZ. I now feel like I want to move to something I can do more on once I am up and riding. I guess I am tossing up between the 7'2 and the 6'10. 6'10 is considerably shorter than anything I have ever ridden, but from what I can see it has the same almost the same volume as the 7'10 egg. having said that the 7'2 seems like a safer bet, I am not it a position to try as I currently live in the middle east so any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Hey qatarkiwi,
    good stuff and stoked on the support. So I am thinking that at your weight, you don't need to go any bigger than the 610. You'll definitely get the benefits of the added volume but as you improve, you'll be able to get the performance benefits as well.

    Looking at that video it looks to me like you are competent at getting to your feet so you don't have to get too over inflated...

    How often are you able to surf?



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      I probably get two week long trips a year, though conditions on the trips can vary hugely, I am a school teacher so my holidays are set with no heed paid to the surf season. My next trip planned is to Morroco in October. When I am back in NZ i am on pretty avg beach breaks most of the time. I do have a couple of weekend trips planned here though, My next question would be what type of fin/set up works best with the 610 for a guy my size? I was looking at fins and found all of the options pretty overwhelming. I really appreciate the help.

      cheers heaps
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        Smokin Joe, that's a nice wave you lucky dude.

        Don't worry about the ADDvance being shorter than anything you have been on before, I had the same concerns as you before I got my first sub 9 foot board in 10 years, a 7'2 Addvance. It has plenty of width to give stability and is a very forgiving board. I think the 6'10 would be a great board for you., I'm a lot heavier and a bit older. Just bypass the cheap plastic fins and get a decent thruster set. It's worth it.

        Have fun mate.
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