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A new life for my old Addvance with really small fins

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  • A new life for my old Addvance with really small fins

    I (76kg, 182cm, 54yo) loved my Add 606, but as a regular footer surfing lefts in Bali always struggled on the backside when shoulder high+. The board then felt too hard, almost out of control. I always used FCS Thruster PC-7 (Large, inside foiled) for some reason never experimented with fins, everything felt just fine I thought.. Also I use different boards all the time, so it just didn't happen until a few days ago.

    I made a radical change from big fins to the smallest. I put in a Thruster combination of extreme small G-XQ (quad rear fin set with 80/20 foil) and for center a medium sized Shapers Fibre Flex S5. The result was spectaculair!

    In overhead lefts it felt so loose and in control, the board just went everywhere I wanted it to go. No down sides with sliding or unsteady bottomturns. Just great! It feels like a whole new board, but with the same great paddling and wave catching. So glad I haven't sold this board!

    I'm curious what fins other Addvance riders are using, and if they tried different fins/setups, and how they liked that?
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