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Addvance vs Submoon for absolute beginner

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  • Addvance vs Submoon for absolute beginner

    Hello Firewire community,

    I'm trying to make my mind up as to which board to buy for my 1st board.

    Im 80kg, 26, above average fitness (quickly developing surf fitness), so a board approximately 60L is what the calculator recommends.

    I'm new to surfing, but not new to board sports, (skating and snowboarding) so balance is good.

    Which board out of the 7'2 Addvance or 8'2 Submoon would be at this stage in my surfing life?

    I'll eventually end up on a TJ Pro or everyday, but I would like to learn to surf a shorter board before going that big.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Addvance would be the go I reckon.