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  • Is Addvance best board for me

    I'm very interested in firewire boards and fish/hybrid shapes in general. Looking for your advice as to what firewire board is best for my situation:
    • I"m 200 lbs, 5'11'' 42 yrs old
    • Surfed from 15-18 yrs old in newport beach & trails (san clemente) CA - became a proficient intermediate surfer on a 6 foot 80s shape thruster (which I still own & hope to someday be able to surf again if/when I ever move back to CA)
    • For last 23 yrs, have lived in Utah & surfed 1-2 trips per year (3-4 surf days total each year) until recently
    • Lately, I've started going to CA 4-5 times/year to surf San Clemente (a newport-like beach break usually) ... so every 2-3 months, I go surf for 2-3 days
    • I bought a 10 foot longboard last summer, loved it, but am now selling it to buy a firewire b/c I catch more waves and can maneuver better etc on the 8 foot wavestorm softtops I bought to teach my kids than I can on my longboard
    • When I only surfed a couple times/yr, I was always in poor paddling shape, which would keep me on the longboard or softtop in order to catch waves.
    • Now that I'm surfing every 2-3 months, I feel a bit stronger when paddling. I borrowed a friends 6'3'' retro fish shape (thick and wide) in Feb and thought I'd never be able to paddle it into any waves ... but I was able to catch waves ... not as easily as the 8 foot softtop, but much better than anything shorter than 8 feet I've ever tried since high school. Being up once again after 22 yrs on something that short and maneuverable was AMAZING again & now I want to buy something with a bit more paddle-ability than the 6'3 fish I borrowed but something that will be a lot more maneuverable than the 8 foot softtops I have

    I'm thinking 6'10 advance, but wonder if I should go 6'6' advance so that its totally different than being up on my softtop? OR, would you suggest 7'2 addvance since I only surf a couple days (one short trip) each quarter etc?

    Also, this board will go with me to Indonesia along with my 8' softop and my 6' thruster this coming winter with my 12 yr old (I've found a place with beginner and intermediate point breaks where I plan to stay for 2 months & surf everyday). My goal is to get comfortable on the Addvance surfing a few times on it this year in so cal, and then to work from the Addvance down to my thruster while in Indo; and for my 12 yr old to continue learning on the softtop & work his way down to the Addvance while in Indo.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Hey golfmogul. The 6'6" will easily float you but I believe due to the frequency you surf, the 6'10" will have you catching waves with ease


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      I second Iggy!


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        Hi Golf M,

        Definitely go the ADDvance, it is the easiest board I have ever had to surf from 1 ft to 4-5 ft ( I haven't had it out in anything bigger). I am 205 and surf a 702. It is so easy to catch waves but I will paddle into a sucky beach break as well and it will not let me down. That is a credit to the board, not it's rider. I used to have longboards but find the ADDvance much more performance and very little compromise on paddling. It is easy to transport as well.

        You would be fine on a 610 but consider getting a 702 as it will be easy to catch waves and if you ever wont to get more serious, it will have room to get another more performance board for better surf as you won't want to get rid of the ADDvance. However, I keep saying I'm going to buy a Dom or HF for 4ft plus days, but keep coming back to the ADDvance I enjoy it that much. I only get to surf once a week and a couple of times a year I go for a week surfing holiday. The ADDvance let's me get the most out of these times by giving me a higher wave count, longer time on the water and more stable/ forgiving board for when I get tired. When you go to Indo, do some swimming in the 6 weeks beforehand if you can, I have done that I find I am much stronger, surf better and feel better.



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          Thanks guys for the feedback. STC67's reminder about getting into swimming shape is making me consider moving the Indo trip to Oct instead of Jan so that I'll be in better swimming shape from summer/pool (will be our first yr w/a pool ... new house). I'm going to demo the 610 addvance in April if the Ripcurl shop in San Clemente has one. Leaning towards that size now. Thanks again.


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            thanks for helping out crew!