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    I am currently riding a 5'10" Unibrow and a 5'3" Baked, I'm 73kg and 48 years young, surfed for 4 years off and on but I have decided my wave count isnt up to scratch, although I am pretty fit. Question is what to buy to improve it.

    I'm looking at eggs and mals but its getting that point right that allows a real change, rather than just a bit more volume I am thinking of jumping up to something around 45/50l. On Firewire that puts me on a huge great shortboard which wouldnt work or something like the 6'6" Advance or 7ft Submoon. Anyone got any comments or other suggestions. I still want to be able to turn the board as much as possible, aspire to proper cutbacks, bottom turns etc.

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    I have 7' Submoon and it is great - paddles in like mal then feels shortboard/fish when you ride off the tail. I bought it for little days but find it is pushing my Spitfire out of the way. What you say you want seems to indicate a Submoon at 6'8" or 7'. I am 85kgs with 55 years on the clock. I also ride 6'8" Unibrow on points and reefs. So maybe look at smallest Submoon although only 2 1/2 inches thick. I got rid of a 5'9" baked potato for submoon but it doesn't have the same feel in tiny waves so keep the potato if you can.


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      Thanks Jambo I was hoping someone would come to the rescue. I've got an old classic shape Mal (7'6" x 21" x 2.5"I had out yesterday in waist high. Very enjoyable session apart from when the clean up sets came in at solid head high it was turtle role time if I wasnt quick. I can duck dive it about 2 cm below the surface but thats my lot :). The Submoon looks like it will be a good wave catcher even in 6'8" with much lower volume than the smallest Advance so I should get some duckdive ability out of it. I caught your write up on the Submoon and liked the sound of its turning ability. The biggest problem I will have is sourcing a 6'8" in Europe.