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  • Quad fin set up

    Hello All,
    I'm 165lbs, 5ft 8". I'm getting a new 6'10" addvance soon (the old one, 7'2 started leaking - a wet patch on the deck above the fins, no damage or bangs whatsoever- 2weeks old! The new one is on waranty, Luckily I bought locally and my shop did all the phone/photo/sending it back work. Buy local!!)
    Any advice on quad fin set ups. I've looked at the indo fins FCS H2's or the stretch. What do you think.

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    PS. Could I use ordinary thrusters. Bigger for front and smaller for the rear?


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      yes, you can use ordinary thruster fronts and get a pair of quad rears. I'd recommend jumping on the FCS website and have a look at their explanation on fins etc. Then work out what you think best applies to you, and then choose a fin set/s that you think will work well.

      Pitty you're not on futures fins, as most stores have the fin tree where you can try before you buy.


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        Thanks for that. It just seems a mine field out there!! Are the quad rears different from ordinary thruster fins. I have a pair of smaller thruster fins in the shed - save me some money.
        You mention future fins. I thought all addvances/firewires came with fcs fittings.
        Thanks, Anthony


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          anthony.d - Not sure if your order is finalized but have you thought about going with the 6'6 Add instead of the 6'10? I'm 5'9 155lbs (plus 5/4 wetsuit in winter) and ride the 6'6 with futures. It paddles and catches waves really well. Seems like at your size it would offer all perks of the 6'10 with added mobility and possibly even a duck-dive (maybe)! I use crappy plastic 5-fin set and go both quad and thruster...cant really tell much of a difference between the 2 but maybe the quad is a bit faster and looser


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            Hello SF,
            Thanks for the feedback.
            Regarding the board size. Its only now after a long mental debate that I've decided to go for a 6'10 instead of a 7'2 (the returned one). I fully appreciate your point and you're right. The only problem is I'm 56yrs old and think I need the extra volume, more time on take off's etc.
            Two days ago I had a cracking surf and was seriously thinking of bidding on a sweet potato on ebay. Yesterday, went for a surf and I WAS CRAP!! So I quickly forgot about the SP. Sorry about the rant but this is the mental anguish I live with. Every waking hour, and that's a lot because I can't sleep because of the board size indecision!
            As for fins, well where do you start - I AM CONFUSED! I think I'm going to do what you did and try the small pair of fins that I have knocking around in the shed. Why not? I can always buy a proper set. Its not that I'll know the difference at my level, and I'll save £40.
            I just remembered, several years ago I fiddled around with a longboard's fins and tried a quad set up. It may have been faster but could I turn it, NO CHANCE!. so maybe I'll forget bout the quads and get some sleep.
            PS. I read somewhere you can use GSQ's for rears and the PC7's front(ones that came with the board), as Justo recommended. So it looks like back to trawling the net and sleeplessness.


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              I ride my 6' 10" with a thruster set up, M5's on the side and a KS2.1 fin on the rear, the reason is that's what I had at the time! I have some FCS Stretch quads I can try.

              I believe that you can get a set of FCS Stretch Quads with the board for £20

              Echo the 6' 6" comment, I wouldn't bid on that Sweet Potato if it's the 6' 4" is way too big for you!


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                Did you ordre the quads with the board for an extra 20pds. Regarding the sp, no it was a 6'2. After my nose dives yesterday, à sp is à no no!!


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                  anthony.d - I hear you on the 6'10 vs the 6'6 and overall just feeling inconsistent in your surf skills. Some days I think I've improved a lot then I paddle out the next day and it all goes to crap. I think such is life as an emerging surfer, may as well embrace the struggle! I also think you will have a ton of fun on the 6'10 so don't beat yourself up over it.

                  Regarding fins - I have been putting off buying a set of nice fins for the ADD because I will be buying another board soon (DOM,SPIT, UNI, CC...decisions) and I want the fins to work in both boards assuming I keep the ADD for longboard type days. That being said if the Stretch Quads (SF4) were cheap I'd go that route as many people speak very highly of that set-up in other boards as well - especially the DOM.

                  Not sure how the SF4 would work in the ADD but if Reserves gives it a go and reports back that would be awesome! If you want to go 5-fin the Rusty futures 5-fin seems quite versatile too. 5-fin seems like the most cost effective way to decide if you like the quad or thruster set-up given a new board. The surf shop I go to in san francisco was pushing me towards the AM-2 or AM-1 fins saying they are great for Nor-cal surf and everyone in the shop rides those. They also told me they thought the ADD didn't need anything but a thruster set-up as the tail wasn't that wide where a quad set-up would be preferred.

                  Personally, I was putting way too much thought into fins so I gave up and decided to save my $ and learn to compete a cut-back first! Good luck and have fun with it!


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                    Thanks Sf. Yes inconsistent is the Word for me, had à great time yesterday in fairly big crap surf. The BAD surf the other day was in a clean faster beachbreak. Im putting that down to not angling my tale offs properly. Yes Im happier with à 6'10, more volume etc although I know you are correct about the 6'6. Also I think you are about quads. Its à case of playing around with à toy. Probably 3 fins are best. I willl however ask for a set of SF4'S with the new board, just to play with! (I have the thrusters from the old board) . Thats if I can get them for an extra 20 pds, If they are full privé Ill save my Monet and plat with the ones I have. Following Your advice Ive been on the dcs site and am now à véritable fin expert!! All those lettres, numbers, cants, sweeps, they dont scare me anymore - PAH! Cheers Ant.