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Mystery delam Addvance Bamboo 6ft 10

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  • Mystery delam Addvance Bamboo 6ft 10

    Hi there. I wonder whether anyone can help? Recently took wax off 1 year old Addvance and I have spotted some dark delam under the surface of the Bamboo deck which could mean water has got in. This is the strange thing as the board has no dings, no cracks and can't work out whats happened. Do you think its Delam and is it repairable or not worth it? Many thanks
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    Seen this happen with Rapidfire boards, if it's dark you can be sure it's water.


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      Yes I saw that board for sale and I thought about contacting you. About a year ago I bought over the internet a used Rapidfire SP with some similar discolouration. I did ask the vendor about it and he gave the impression that it was just the colour of the bamboo. Cut a long story short, I noticed some tiny "crazing" in one of rails on the same side as the darker bamboo so, having read about the importance of looking after these beasts , I took it for a professional repair. I now have an invisible repair apart from the discolouration. It was explained to me that it was possible that an imperceptibly small amount (a merest drop) may have got in over time but it causes a microbial reaction in the bamboo which is way in excess of the amount of water that entered.
      Happily since the repair I don't think it has worsened and there is certainly no evidence of a delam.

      Seeing as the discoloration of your board is near the rail, I suspect that a similar thing has happened. My advice to you would be to get it checked out and continue using it. Unfortunately you , like I will also take a hit on re-sell value but that's all part and parcel of the joy of surfing (otherwise we'd all be riding NSPs).


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        Thanks for the posts, I will go back over the board with a magnifying glass and try and see if I can spot any tiny cracks. Appreciate the advice


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          Seen it listed it on eBay with no mention of the water ingress... wouldn't be happy to get that in the post.


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            Hello Leo,
            I had a similar thing. No bangs or even taps, I literally wrapped it in cotton wool! Then one day after a short surf I noticed a damp patch on deck opposite fins approx 9" sq. Luckily I bought locally and the shop were great. They contacted Firewire and argued my case. At first Firewire said the board was damaged etc. The shop argued no, made phone calls and sent photos etc. all off their own back. The end result was Firewire acknowledged there must have been a fault and offered a replacement or refund as they should. So, if the board is pretty new contact your shop and hopefully you will have the same result as I did.
            Mail order maybe 50 cheaper but there are advantages buying locally. ONBOARD Surf Shop, Swansea.