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    The more I surf my 702 ADDvance in head high plus, the more I like it. I was considering another board for really nice waves but after changing the fins to JC1's I don't think I will. My last surf was slightly overhead on a sucky beach break and it went unreal. I got in early, it held down the line and was able to come off the top of a few lips to make some fast sections. I was surfing on a bank with a couple of young guys, they probably weren't that good but I was taking of deeper and consistently making it, to the point one guy gave me the nod after 1 wave I'm sure he thought I wouldn't make. I find the bevelled rails are very forgiving and did a roundhouse I've not done for many years. I can't recall ever catching a rail on it. I'm keen to try some Pancho Sullivans. For a bit more drive but the surf shop didn't have any and the JCc1's were in the bargain bin!

    I would be interested to get a bit more info on the rocker of the ADDvance and how it compares with a Dom/Spit. I thought they were very similar but it is hard for me to tell on the "compare foils" page on the website if they are not close to each other. Just trying to work out why this board goes so good for me.

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    the big thing to remember here is that they are a completely different genre of board. The dominator is still meant to be ridden shorter, while the addvance is meant for some looking to maximize volume. They aren't really what I would call interchangeable so I think you are better suited trying to figure out which "genre" of board is more in line with what you need.