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  • Addvance grovelling

    howzit. i love this board. i've never had a bad session (no such thing anyway). i've always caught my waves and enjoyed the ADD each time i've used it. today was no exception. Diamond Head Right Hands was 2' and crowded as usual. needless to say that i left the VG at home and busted out the Wave Hog. i dont mind mentioning breaks and such do to the fact that i can surf 7 days a week and dont get worried about crowds especially when i have the "Super Groveller".

    Volume, well every one has an opinion about it, but it still comes down to what ur comfortable with. i like it. i ride all my boards a lil bigger than the average guy. the thing about volume is that if u have too little, u struggle, if u have too much u struggle. nah. u dont struggke w too much, u just catch more waves...

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    Yeah, I got a 6'10" for cheap here in Cali and I love it!! Sold my SP and have been riding that when it is small. Great camera work, enjoy that 7 days a week surfing, I get 2 if I am lucky.


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      thanks. i will.


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        What is your fin set up?


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          i have the SA4 in futures except i lost the rear left and replaced it w the SF4 rear. it actually works well to get the tail around and i still have all the drive w the larger SA right rear.