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New surfer. Great Snowboarder.

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  • New surfer. Great Snowboarder.

    Hey Guys. Moving from Tahoe to San Diego. I get a pretty sweet pro deal on Firewire. I'm going to pull the trigger on an addvance. I can surf Pow with the best of em, but the beach is calling. I'm leaning towards the 6'10. I am in great shape and definately used to board sports. Should I grab the 6'10 or play it safe with the 7'2.

    I am 6 foot and i fluctuate between 180-195.

    I only have this pro deal for a few more days. No time to demo.
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    6'6"!! Push yourself a little. Surf is very different to any other sport, its all a matter of timing while catching the wave and standing up, once up you'll see some familiarities. Honestly get yourself a carver skateboad as well, that will have you improving in no time combined with the surf


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      The 6'10 would be more than enough volume; Not sure if you are completely new to surfing; Often a board to get started on is superseded as your skills develop and a more performance oriented board is needed. However, the Addvance is a refined shape and might help you progress to higher level than a learning type board; with you being in good shape and having snowboarding skills you might be able to progress more quickly. I would say though learning usually involves various mishaps and sometimes board damage. I am sure you will enjoy it


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        I wud go w a 6'6 if ur athletic. i have a 6'10 only cus its to keep up w bigger boards in the water. i've never ridden Dom, but i figure that wud b another alternative. i luv my ADD tho. i wish they had a 6'0 or 6'2. one thing about the ADD, that a lot of the other FW boards with the exception of the longboards, has is versatility in almost all surf. big and punchy, small and mushy, or even big and mushy reforming into small and punchy, it doesnt matter. the board performs. just remember, its easier to transition from surfing to snowboarding than what ur attempting due to conditions and swells. as Bruce Lee said "Be Water my Friend"


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          amen to the 606!!