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  • 6'6 addvance

    for all considering the addvance thought id post some pics, as photos of the 6'6 are scarce, i got the addvance as the sp was not giving me the paddle power i needed against mals and sup at our local points.P1030635.jpgP1030638.jpgP1030642.jpg

    5'8 sp, 6'4 spitfire, 6'6 addvance for comparison

    1st surf with future controllers in punchy 4-5 point waves, felt it lacked some fin on bottom turns.
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    hoping the amt robbers will fix the problem, will try them as a thruster, with the controller quad rear's, and elevon rear's.


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      Nice... I've been spending a lot more time on my ADD since I've had to repair my VG 3 times, not including the set screw for a skeg had to b worked out. its a fun board. big, fat, sloppy waves r'nt good for it tho, but steep punchy surf makes it really go


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        Appreciate this. Great photo of the SP, SF and ADD together. Nice to see the ADD in context particularly against the SF.


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          Do you know if the 6'6" Addvance and the 5'8" SP fit in a Dakine Recon II bag in 6'6"?
          Or do you know any other travel bags that will fit these two boards?


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            bro... the ADD barely fits any bag thats not a longboard bag. i squeeze my 6'10 in a Creatures 7'0 cloth bag and thats pretty tight.


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              Hey Jcmorin, got mine in a CREATURES OF LEISURE 5`6 - 6`7 RETRO FISH DAY USE BOARD COVER works well,



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                Any chance of reposting the pics, they seem to have got lost.

                I have a 6' 10" Addvance and am considering getting the 6' 6" as my "lazy / not paddle fit / want to get a bunch of waves" board

                Wondering if it's worth the hassle of selling old and buying new, am I going to feel much difference between the 6' 10" and 6' 6" ?


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                  Hey suncoastslop, how do you feel about the ADD vs SP? Are you catching more waves but still having as much fun?