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  • 6'10 ADDvance review

    Howzit. I've been surfing big boards for a long time. This winter has only been 6'8 an under. I've never ridden a board under 8' until this mid-life crisis. I'm use to catching all the waves I want and have sacrificed some of that due to riding these smaller boards until today. I bought the 6'10 addvance for summer to surf the south shore due to heavy crowds and the fact that most of my crew surfs longboards. Boy was I right on this board thanks to this forum. This board is essentially the stomach and butt of a longboard. It actually looks like a fish on steroids. If u ever thought what it wud b like to ride a long board w/o the extra 2 feet, thats what it is. I have a pretty decent paddle and am comfortable riding and catching waves w anybody, but this board is ridiculous. I didnt lose any wave I paddled for. I didnt give way to any longboarders. I surfed Ma'ili, which is a point break on the west side of O'ahu. It was 3-4' hawaiian and lining up real nice. I had to surf backside due the wave being a left which isn't what i wud prefer, but I cant complain. It definitely is going to b my go to board for Three's on the south shore at anything over 4'. I guess I wud tell anybody starting or stepping down to go w a 6'10 addvance or even a 6'6. Now if my Vanguard wud come in, i cud review that, but until then I'll b on my spit or fish. All in all, if don't want to sacrifice wave count, but dont mind still riding s progressive style of longboarding, then the addvance is for u

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    Hey FokaiHI,
    Great feedback. Thanks for sharing... Others will be stoked to read this one.



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      Now thats what I'm talking about !!!!

      FokaiHi, what it get's big and narly, stick in a quad set or even a set of Controllers and I find it opens the wave range range up on this board. When it is smaller, a set of bigger sides and a small trailer keeps it pretty loose.

      If you are interested in catching waves and having fun and don't care about huge hacks or airs, an Addvance is a such a great board for your quiver.

      Looking forward to your Vangaurd review !!!!


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        yea. i think the quad is the way to go. i've never tried Controllers yet, but i can get em at a good price. i'll check it out. until then this board will remain docked until three's starts firing this summer. i just got my VG yesterday afternoon and as u can imagine i'm pretty fired up to make a fool out of myself today.