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New 7'6" White RapidFire Addvance

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  • New 7'6" White RapidFire Addvance

    Just picked up a new 7'6" Addvance in White RapidFire Construction. If not for appliance white finish, the beveled rails and modest swallow tail, the board would be totally unassuming to the human eye. Stuck on a Kick tailpad, scraped a bar of Sticky Bumps on the deck, screwed on a set of Future Stretch Quads and headed for the ocean. My favorite reefbreak was only knee high, weak and inconsistent. Once on the water, buoyancy felt good, but still had the sensation of paddling a shortboard with a good glide. The length of the board felt really good and the nose was about a foot in front of me and never gave the sensation of shortness or pearling. Going for waves was definitely not longboardish, but with a little meat on the wave it was pretty easy to get on. The waves were mostly a short pocket with slow,down the line dribbler. The board projected nicely and cutbacks was butter smooth. Looking forward to anything more significant than today, and the fun begins. I'm really pleased, (really!) that I went with the 7'6 rather than the shorter options as the overall buoyancy and length feels super comfortable and confidence inspiring, from stepping down from my everyday 10 footer.

    Age 64, height 5'10" weight 196 lbs
    10' Longboard or SUP 2-3 times a week
    reef breaks to waist to head high
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    great feedback!! Glad you found a winner! keep us posted.


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      I have had a couple of overhead to double overhead days on my 7'6 Addvance with quad set up and I am really impressed with it aswell! Nice and fast in the barrel (board may be slightly big for this sort of carry on) but once your out the cutbacks are so smooth.. only issue iv had is getting used to taking the drop on the bigger ones without the nose going under at the bottom (a few waves later I had it sorted) overall an awsome board for most sizes of surf!


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        cool. i just posted another thread about my 6'10. felt the same way. i too have done the longboard scene for a long time. what break were u at? chuns or lani's? or maybe out west? anyways hit me up if ur on oahu. i can surf everyday and we can run "Team ADDvance". lol. btw, i wont make u look like ur surfing w a nub.