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Addvance or Flexflight - your thoughts please

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  • Addvance or Flexflight - your thoughts please

    Hi guys
    I'm 40 yo 5'10" tall 83kg. and surf around Victoria Aus. Currently have a 6'2" Alternator & a 5'10" Spitfire and love both boards.
    We've booked a family trip to Hawaii and plan to surf around Waikiki with my 7 yo son on his 6"6" GBoard.
    I need a board that is easy to paddle and catch waves on so I can keep an eye on my son. Originally I was thinking of the 8'0" or 8'6" Flexflight longboard
    but maybe the 6'10" or 7'2" Addvance would also be be great choice
    I have done 4 trips so far to Hawaii to surf the North shore for winter but I did rent a longboard on each trip for a few hours just to surf Waikiki and its loads of fun.

    Your help would really be appreciated
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    I'd go with a longboard. Great addition to the quiver. The TJ Everyday would be niiiice.