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  • Another Quiver Question

    I wanted to tap into the collective wisdom of the forum. I am doing a little bit of a quiver overhaul. Getting rid of some old boards and hopefully getting some new ones. First, the vitals: 5'8" about 145 lbs. (although surf with 5/4 suit,booties,gloves), intermediate, recently moved from So Cal to Washington and had a baby, so the amount I get out in the water has been cut pretty drastically. (Lately once a month is about it.) The waves around here vary from 2-8 ft. mush balls to some pretty high performance surf (when the stars align).

    I've been surfing primarily a Stretch F4 5'11", a Hynson Twinzer 5'9", and a long board. My plan is to get rid of the longboard and Hynson and replace them with a SUP board, Sweet Potato, and Spitfire/Activator. (May still hold onto the Stretch).

    I was thinking of a 5'4" SP. I know I could go smaller, but I'm focusing on smaller or mushier waves.

    I can't decide on the Spitfire/Acitvator board though. I'm looking for something that will catch waves easier than my Stretch, yet can still handle a reasonably steep wave when they come. Originally I was thinking 5'8" SF, but the volume and surface area according to Board Formula are nearly the same as my Stretch. I was thinking the 5'10" though would be a bit big. Then of course the Activator came out, and now I'm thinking 5'11" Activator.

    Any thoughts from the forum on what Spitfire/Activator, or other board would be best?

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    Step 1 - don't get a SUP!

    Step 2 - as an all round small toys wave board the Spitfire can't be beaten. Sure, there will be 5% performance difference here and there with an Activator or Dom but those differences are hardly worth worrying about.

    So assuming you ditch the craziness of the SUP idea I'd suggest your quiver be;

    1. Keep the longboard for tiny days.
    2. Spitfire, Dom or Activstor for small to medium days.
    3. This is where it's tougher. Hellfire, Alt, Hellrazor or MB as a step up from the Spit.

    You could always substitute a SP or similar for the longboard. But not an SUP.


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      Thanks Buzzy. The SUP was going to be more for exercising and getting the family out to the beach to cruise around in 6" surf. Was thinking more of trying to replace the longboard with the sweet potato to use in 2-3ft surf, mushier waves, or some weak point break type waves.

      What I hear you saying is don't worry about it too much the dom/spit/activator are all going to be really similar.

      Yes, one more board in the quiver would be nice, Hellfire/razor or something. Have to keep saving some money.


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        great advice buzzy!


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          Mix it up, quiver wise, but stay close to hybreds (unless you surf more than 3 times a week)
          1) Baked potato. (no longboard or SUP)
          2) Activator (to replace the Stretch)
          3) Hellfire (Step up)
          or Alternator, Hellrazor if you feel that you can stay in shape.


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            Thanks Fritzkat. I think I'm going to head that direction. Just need to sell some of the old boards. Are there any buy 2 get 1 free discounts going on???


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              I would stick close to the hybreds unless you are an avid diehard core surfer with daily surf sessions. I changed my quiver also, got rid of everything over 6-10 and less than 35 litres.

              going Wider thicker shorter=hybred=easier to ride=more waves caught per session=less frustration and more stoke.


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                I reckon Fritzkat is onto it with the hybrids! Just a thought: If you just surf once a month and saving yourself a bit of money, you could also get a Potato-Nator for the smaller days or most of the days and a longer Alternator as a step-up board (or a Hellfire to stick with the hybrids).


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                  I like it David!!


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                    Yeah, I know what you mean Fritzkat. I am all hybrid now and when I surf with my buddies I get so many more waves, it is amazing!