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    But it varies from person to person, age to age, region to region...


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      This is my first post so take it easy on me. I just got the 5'11" Activator FST and am loving it. I rode a 5'10" Futura for 6 years before but recently put on over 25lbs for hockey and needed to go bigger. I was looking for a board I could ride almost everyday with more volume and drive. I have rode it from around knee to a foot overhead and it is working really well. I have the Mayhem quad fins and the board is so fast. Also rode it with the K3s but like the quad is fun for the small summer surf.

      Other than the Activator I would lean towards a Hellrazor for a single board quiver to have a better board on the high performance days. I think the next board I will add is a 6'1" Hellrazor. I am hoping to demo one this fall when the NW swells start to fill in.


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        Activator is a good all arounder... I am stoking on it, surfed 3 plus hours yesterday.. everything else is shelfed this summer until it gets over head plus again.


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          Yeah the Activator is probably a one board quiver that you can surf more often. If you are thinking of a 1 board quiver for better waves, then yeah, the Hellrazor is a great option. You just want to look at the conditions that you are most frequently in and try to address those conditions with your board choice!!

          how much more weight do you see your self gaining on the 175lbs?

          Thanks for the support and stoked to have you on the forum