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  • Activator V.s ADDvance

    Just wondering performance and intended use of the 610 ADDvance V's 611 ACTIVATOR comparison. Please correct if I have got it wrong.

    Board ADD V's ACT
    Length 610 V's 611
    Width 22 5/8 V's 21 3/4
    Thickness 3 1/16 V's 3 3/16
    Volume 56.9 V's 52.6

    I'm expectinig being narrower by an inch and refined volume the Activator would be more performance orientated and the Addvance more forgiving. The tails look a bit similar.

    Down the line speed? I would have to think Activator would outrun the Addvance.

    Paddleability. I would have thought Addvance is better because of the higher volume. But not by too much hopefully at these two lengths.

    Would the Activator with a narrower tail than a Dominator handle the steep stuff better. I'm really impressed with the ADDvance capabilities in this area.

    In summary, is the Activator a more performance orientated board compared to the Advance with the only compramise being a little less paddleability (is that a word) and a bit more technical to surf.

    I have been looking at a DOMINATOR to compliment my ADDVance. A bit more perfomance without losing too much paddle characteristics and able to handle steeper waves. I have been put off a bit on the DOM by some comments on the wide tail not sticking so well in a steeper wave.


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    Yeah spot on STC. that is a good look at it. i haven't ridden that board a ton, but I think you are right on!! Chuy rode the board a ton in Mexico and loved it. Definitely more performance than the Addvance and it also has a bigger maximum wave range.



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      Yep. I have made my mind up. I am going to get an Activator. Please don't try and stop me.

      After surfing this morning 1 times overhead on my 702 Addvance at Greenmount, I don't need much more performance, just a slighter tighter arc for cutbacks. I don't want to lose to much paddle and I am not replacing the Addvance but will use the Activator when it is head high plus, sort of a step up board over the Addvance. I stopped in to the Currumbin FW Factory on the way back and they had a smaller one there (but it was called a Detonator). I like the slightly pulled in tail shape and little swallow compared to a Spit/Dom. It is more like the Addvance which works for me.

      Now, Rapid Fire or FST?


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        STC, how much do you weigh?


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          95kgs Fritzkat. Would like to be 85kgs just not prepared to give up beer


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            jejeje I hear you!!! but me is sugar rather than beer!!


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              Originally posted by STC67 View Post
              I stopped in to the Currumbin FW Factory on the way back
              Same here. At about 2pm.
              Just a quick look to compare a 5'8" and a 6' sweet potato side by side.
              Oh...and to froth about how much I love the p'nator after surfing 3-4' barrels at main beach, Byron, that morning.
              When's that 6'11" going to get a run?


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                I was there around 11.00 Cuttle.

                Had some nice waves at Greeny and reckon "signals" down Byron would have been very good, I just didn't have another hour to get there.

                I forgot to ask when the Activators hit Oz. I see the website says May so fingers crossed.

                Unless anyone talks me out of it I am going FST with Futures. All my FW's have been Rapid Fire to date so I'm looking forward to the FST. Not that there is anything wrong with the RF construction. After 12 mths my RF ADDvance which is my goto board is just starting to get some footwells. Otherwise not a mark. The SP doesn't get used much so looks brand new. I am hoping during winter with the small swells we get the SP will get some more use.

                I can understand the fundamentals behind the Pnator but I think my long boarding days have gone against me and I can't seem to get comfortable on wide tailed boards.


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                  Just seen the Activators in my local... Very nice indeed :)


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                    next time you see the Activator, please snap a shot of the tail front and back if you dont mind... Its supposed to be real close to the dominator from the fins forward. but the tail is what is different. They wont be here for anothr 2 months


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                      Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 4.54.11 PM.jpg


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                        Hey STC, I'm exactly in your boat. 6'10 Addvance or 6'11" Activator. Did you go for the Activator? How'd you like it?


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                          HeySTC, I'm exactly in your boat: 6'10" Addvance or 6'11" Activator. Did you go with the Acitivator. How'd you like it?


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                            well i have a 7'6 and 6'10 addvance and bought a 7.1 activator, it is replacing both, has more performance than both, paddles better than the 6'10, but much faster and shorter turns than the addvance
                            the activator is just great


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                              Fred, whats ur height/weight?