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  • Activator FCS Fin Question

    Hi Everyone! I just purchased a 6'1" Activator and I am now looking for fins. I am 5'11" and 185lbs. I am a low intermediate level surfer and want something that will work well in all conditions. I would also like to run this board as a quad to start. I have been looking at the FCS Simon Anderson SA-2 Quads fit set and the FCS GMB-5. I am also open to other suggestions. Does anyone have any experience with these fins on this board?

    Thanks for all the help guys!

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    Iv'e never ridden an activator but iv'e used the GMB-5's in most my boards and find them really good


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      Thanks! I am really leaning that way. My only worry is that these will feel a little on the large/cumbersome side in smaller surf. Has this been your experience?


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        I've got FCS Goods1 on my AC 5'9. Very "goods" and work well in all condition. (I like underated board and fins)


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          I use both the GMB-5 and the old SA-25 large(old model but similar template) in my activator. Both quad. I'm 90 kg 190 cm. Both great in all conditions. I put a fifth fin in when it's overhead and surf it up 2.5 overhead


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            Thank you for the input guys. I appreciate the help!


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              I have an Activator that I am selling in rapid fire same size. I am 5.9" and 184lbs. I used it for a week In the Dominican Republic from waist to 2-3 ft overhead and I love the board, it was just to floaty for my taste, thinking about getting it in 5.10 but FST. I used the FCS SF4 Stretch PC tri-quad set. I really liked them alot, but i prefered the quads over the tri, it felt like the board was a little stuck, but that could have been do to the fact the board was a little floaty for my liking in those waves.