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  • Up sizing

    Happens to us all maybe?

    Looking for a board, thinking of activator 603 or potatonator 510. I have sp 508, a dom 600, and qf 604, which I am selling.

    I'm coming up 48, an ok surfer for 30 yrs now. My back is stiff now so can't get to my feet as quick as I like. 82kg

    I'm looking for something to surf when it's too good for my sp. can't see myself going out on really big days, but am comfortable head high plus a foot os so.

    I'm ok on the Dom but I've noticed my wave count dropping and it's hard to switch back after riding the sp for a few sessions. The sp is a pain to duck dive.

    I'm thinking of something 36 to 37 Lt volume. I surf the North Sea, so it only gets good on average once month. Have to wear winter wet tie all year round, so add a few kg to my weight.

    Any ideas what the ideal board is for the maturing surfer.


    Dave B

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    Potatonator all the way I say


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      Yeah, or a 6'2" Spit or Dom.

      If you're looking for more of a shortboard feel a Unibrow @6'4" or Quasrafive at 6'6" would also work.

      I'd personally go the 6'2" Dom based on the conditions and wave range you describe.


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        Thanks for the responses, will take on board, literally!