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  • Activator wave catching ability

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to replace my 5'8" Dominator and am interested in the Activator.

    I'm 43, 6ft about 175 (79kg ish) and have been surfing about 30 years. I'm UK based and usually surf average beachbreak spots, I'm not exactly Dane Reynolds but I surf OK.

    The 5'8" Dominator has been a great board for me, never found it lacking once up and riding but I don't think I could switch to anything that was much less able in the paddling/wave catching department (and with my age this is only going to get more important!)

    So, as far as the Activator is concerned, I like the sound of it being a bit more performance orientated in the way it surfs but am worried that if I go for a 5'9" the drop in volume (31L to 29.2L) will make it a struggle to get into waves. But then on the other hand if I go up to the 5'11" (32.8L) will I find it a bit of a lump??

    Any feedback from someone who has ridden both boards, or just knows their onions would be really useful!


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    hey malcatron,
    I have ridden both and they are great boards. They are pretty similar with the major difference being the tail. you get a slightly more progressive sensitivity and response when you get back on the tail of the activator.

    You may also look a the spitfire, as its exactly the same as the Dominator in every way, with the exception of the tail. It has a refined tail volume that really adds to the boards performance and sensitivity...


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      Hey Chris, thanks for replying.

      Unfortunately the Spitfire is not an option at the moment, stock levels are pretty low here in the UK.

      Looking at your sig you are about the same build as me (although 14 years younger!!) and are riding similar sizes I would. So did you try the Activator in 5'9"?? If so would you say that it has a similar wave catching ability to a 5'8" Dominator?

      I'm sure I'd be fine once up and riding on the 5'9" but my concern was whether the narrower tail and 1.8L volume drop would make it tricky to get into waves...


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        I have a 5'7" activator and it paddles very well
        I am 39 and fit
        and weigh 85kgs
        it paddles as well as any of my other boards, if not maybe a bit better


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          Hey Deon, I see you're based in SA so your waves have got a lot more guts to them than what I surf here.

          If you're 5kg heavier than me (although probably a lot fitter!) and find the 5'7" a good paddler, I guess that maybe the 5'9" would be an OK replacement for my 5'8" Dominator.

          I used to surf my Dom in pretty much all but the weakest conditions, but I think that the Activator may require a bit more power. So perhaps what I need to do is get the Activator for average to good (by my local standards) days and then find something else for true grovelling...


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            I think you on the money