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Wave size range for the Activator

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  • Wave size range for the Activator

    This board is attracting my interest as a Dominator step up. What size waves do you guys think this board can handle? I know that's a subjective question depending a lot of variables. But to put into some perspective, I would surf the Dominator up till head high, maybe slightly bigger.

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    The activator as I understand is a higher performance dominator so it is intended to cover the same range of wave sizes but allows surfing the pocket better. If you want a step up from the dom then look at the Jacknife/Hellfire/Hellrazor/Alternator/MB etcetera.
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      yeah i think slowman answered this pretty fairly. you get more pocket control out of the Activator.

      If you are after a bigger wave board, you might consider some of the other hybrids. The Mini Driver might be a good one!!



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        Thanks guys, that's really helpful info. I've tried the Mini Driver but I think I'd like to hold off for something with less nose rocker (more catch-ability). The search continues.


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          agree with slowman, in my experience, the activator is a cherry board for waist to a couple feet overhead. Anything bigger than that, i'd prefer another board.

          Wave type is more important than size though, I've struggled on head high days where the wave was throwing immediately on the takeoff (doesnt have much rocker), but it was perfect at breaks a few feet overhead where the takeoff wasn't critical. VERY fun for those playful waves that you can carve up, not the best choice for hollow breaks though. However, it can be done as long as you're not taking the drop at the very last second. Luckily with how well this board paddles, you rarely have to.

          Activator is my board of choice in almost all breaks I go to when it's up to 7' faces
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