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    Just wondering what the reccondations are for working out sizing on the Activator.

    As it is essentially a Dominator 2.0 with a tad more rocker to handle steeper waves and a nice double flyer to moon tail to surf in the pocket more, would you recommend surfing it with less volume than your Dominator or more?

    If you surfed a 508 Dom 31ltrs would you recommend a 509 Activator 29.1ltrs or a 511 Activator 32.8ltrs?


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    I think I'd be going for the 5'9 in your case. I'm riding a 6'0 dom/spit and I'm thinking of the 6'1 (34.9L -> 34.0L). I still want the wave catching ability and grovel ability. I'm starting to think this could be a good allrounder.


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      That is what i was thinking.

      Came across the following by Nev somewhere else on the forum.

      "The Activator is simply this...The Dominator with a more performance oriented tail outline...Just a bit more drivey.

      The Jacknife is the redo of the Futura achieved by funking out the tail with a wing that reduces area and adds a breakpoint for quick direction, rail-to-rail changes. The most important difference is the contemporary rocker and volume distribution (foil). This is more a high performance hybrid that does not rely on resistance from volume under foot for speed like thicker hybrids, but the sensitivity of curve and foil to encourage surfing not dissimilar to what you'd do on you normal HPSB (high performance short board like the Flexfire/Alternator/Taj model)."


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        That makes me wonder if the Activator's rocker has any increase over the dom/spit.


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          From what i have read and also from a few of the online web stores talking about the Activator it seems that the rocker and front half of the board is pretty well a Dominator and the back half is just the new double wing flyer with a moon tail. It is still a small wave board and probably handle the same and may be slightly better conditions and is more geared to small wave pocket surfing as opposed to the Dominator which likes a slightly drawn out turns. It should sit in a barrel a lot better but as to taking steeper drops in really good punchy conditions i think it will still have the same limitations of the Dominator.

          Check out a review here:

          And Also:

          Bit of a look at The JacKnife outline here:
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            The nose width is slightly narrower at least, the dom/spit are 13.6" and the activator is 13.4", so maybe just a tweak more kick in the nose as well. Not so sure now whether there is much to be gained over the spit.


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              Can't help you with the Spit as i have never surfed one.

              I think the Mini Driver is going to be a high performance Dominator. I have a 5'10 PU and surfed it today in a reasonably heavy, sucky beachy and i was surprisingly amazed as to how well it went. I have tried it in smaller surf but found it harder to get into waves but on waves with a little bit of push it paddles like its longer than it really is. I made some pretty good takeoffs and drops and on those bigger punchy waves the board felt really good.....kind of felt like the Dominator did on smaller shoulder high waves.

              My take on it is the Activator is a tweaked Dominator for pocket, tight, top to bottom surfing in good to marginal surf with a similar wave range to the Dominator ma be the odd better one and the Mini Driver is a Dominator on steroids?


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                Hey Fazza, Fair question,
                i would totally ride it with a little less strictly because the dominator is at the top of my volume limit. I think for some surfers, maybe around 180-185 won ride the 508 dom might actually prefer going with a bigger activator. Generally speaking however, i would suggest you go 1inch bigger with the anticipation that the Activator is slightly more suited for better waves....